Performing arts and its branches

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It is well known that dance, drama and music performed in front of many people or audiences belong to the performing arts. This type of art is different from plastic art, which involves only a number of artworks made of different types of materials such as clay, paint, wood and metal. These artworks are usually created by many artists and exhibited during the exhibition, but unlike performing arts, the artist's existence is not necessary or necessary at all. In the performing arts, the artists themselves and their performances are of interest to the audience. These people are often referred to as performers.

This type of art is no stranger to society because it has been around for many years. It actually started centuries ago. This type or art is more common in schools around the world and often involves many people who are keen to show off their talents to please the crowd. By wearing a variety of costumes, wigs, masks, foot wear and other accessories, the artist turns into a completely different person in front of the crowd and then performs.

As mentioned earlier, performing arts has three branches – dance, drama and music. The first performing art is dance, which basically reflects the movement of the human body using a specific rhythm. Performing dance is not only to please the audience, but also a way to express the emotions of the performers. It is also a way to show people different types of culture or tell them about a place's history. Dance can take several forms, such as folk dance, ballet, and more.

Another branch of the performing arts is drama, which is mainly performed in front of people. In the drama, performers perform a specific story to entertain their audience. In addition to performance, music, dance, sound, presentation and other elements of the performing arts are used for optimal performance.

The last branch of the performing arts is music. Music refers not only to the instruments or the sounds they make, but also to the people who play the instruments and the sounds of people singing. Music basically started a few years ago, and since then it has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Usually, there are four things in music completion – pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tone.

Each branch of the performing arts plays a very important role in the entertainment world. All of this makes the performing arts complete and very interesting. Not only because it is a very good way to entertain people, but because it is also a way for others to see the skills and talents of the performers. This is also a great way for the world to understand what performers can do and provide.

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