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Why choose a personal brand?

To have a thriving business, you must understand the power of the brand. Your personal brand is made up of your own qualities and unique habits that represent the way you want others to think about you.

Personal brands are getting more and more attention because individuals seek to differentiate by developing a unique brand that promotes career and employment opportunities. Many people think that personal brands only work for celebrities such as Lady Gaga or Lance Armstrong, but in fact everyone is a brand.
Millions of others offer the same services as you, and now ask yourself; “How do I stand out from the crowd now?”

“Without a brand, you are just a part of a lot of people, not a part of a minority.”
Personal branding is truly in-depth and time-consuming to develop unique brand claims, brand positioning, name [related to what you are doing], brand promise, USP [unique sales proposal] and graphic images. Think of your brand as a stage that allows you to go beyond other brands and give consumers the confidence to choose your competitors.

By definition, a personal brand is the process by which people and their practitioners are labeled as a brand. If you are looking for a way to quickly track your career, then personal branding is your best choice.

Discover your brand

As a brand, you can leverage the same strategy to make celebrity or corporate brands appeal to your consumers. Personal brands involve four basic clicks: unique abilities, positioning, values ​​and brand promise. Just like a corporate brand, you have to build and predict what makes you unique and why people should come to you instead of the next person.

Do you have a professional certification or superior quality? Do you work very well with a certain group of people, do you have an irresistible personality? Discuss this with your family, colleagues, and friends because they provide great resources in determining your most powerful and unique qualities. Keep in mind that a single degree won't make you different, but a toolbox filled with unique items will.

The biggest mistake people make is that they either self-branding to do this, or they don't see the value of investing in a strong brand base before investing in marketing and advertising. By investing time and resources to build your brand correctly and effectively, you will get the right opportunity.

Position yourself

Excellent brand positioning takes into account the negligence, shortcomings and attributes of competitors. An example might be – if other massage therapists seem unable to speak, then the body does not have a lot of technical terminology, which is an opportunity to position yourself as practical, friendly and humble.
If you prefer athletes, children or the elderly, your positioning will begin to reflect this. If your manners, tone and output contradict the way you try to position yourself, then your brand positioning will be shaken. Make sure you are consistent and true about your position, otherwise you will eventually stay away from where you want to go.
Specialization or not professional?

You may think that specialization is the answer, especially if we recognize the unique importance, even though you don't need to focus on uniqueness and extraordinary. If you are versatile, or supplemented in several different areas, then you will be favored. An example is; Suzy is a massage therapist who speaks 5 languages. This will immediately distinguish Suzy from its competitors, even if it is not strictly related to Suzy's work.

On the other hand, if the target audience is looking for your unique service, then you are best suited as an expert. However, it is worth noting that as an expert, your target market is small. Therefore, in order to maintain your business in a small target market, you need to reach a larger percentage of your target audience. To do this, you need to be the best person – if not the best.

Whether you choose specialization or not depends on an honest assessment of your skills and the goals you are trying to achieve. If you're serious about specialization, check out the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to see if people are really trying to find the service or product you're considering.


Find a balance between transparency while protecting your professional reputation and market value. Avoid pretending, hypocrisy, or just for personal gain.
You must also be open. In today's world, marketing is a two-way conversation, so you must be willing to accept feedback, accept criticism, but most importantly, be open to your content.
While transparency is important, pay attention to the impact you have on anything you do and consider the potential cost of your brand. Transparency does not necessarily mean that it is all hanged.

Get your name

Once you have established your own brand identity and are confident in your identity and your own uniqueness, it is time to show you to the world!

Learn about your personal brand, including offline and online, develop social media strategies, set goals and focus – don't be fooled by this myth: if you build it, they will come. Unless you are very lucky, you must take the time to communicate your brand to others.

In order to successfully market your brand today, you should consider 4 C:

• Content – Create stable and engaging content.

• Connect – Contact the audience you want to attract.

• Communicate – Communicate with them in ongoing conversations.

• Convert – then convert them at the desired illusory moment.

Building your own brand/reputation has no problems with self-promotion, but it is not the main focus of today's social media. If you really want people to listen to your opinions and care about what you say or what you offer, then focus on the people who provide useful information, as well as others in your industry or community. People will prequalify you before proceeding to the next step, for which the information they need is more than just your "sweet deal" or contact information.

The world of social networking is the same as an individual, so you need to follow the same rules of participation: learn to listen [start a discussion] and get a comment [share your expertise and tools].

The impression of social media is very important, so it stays the same in your messaging and is always transparent to create authenticity. Create a concise tone for your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles, email signatures, blogs and promotional materials – your message can have a huge impact on your professional image.

You can also monitor your personal brand name on the web using Google Alerts [www.google.com/alerts], which sends email updates about the topic or phrase you choose.

in conclusion:
Through a focused and well-established brand strategy, you will lay the foundation and develop the path to a successful personal brand. At the beginning, there is no better time than now! For more information on the brand, please visit: http://straydogmarketing.com/branding/

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