PHP Cynosure of the Developer’s Eyes

PHP has taken the IT world by storm. Take a quick read at the remarkable facts about PHP, the monarch of the web scripting language world.

What is PHP? PHP is one of the fastest growing web scripting languages on the internet today. PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, was designed exclusively for the web. Designed in 1994 to enable the creation of dynamic web pages quickly and easily, PHP has exploded in growth and has been adopted by leading vendors such as Linux that have included the language with their web servers. Did you know that FaceBook is built on PHP?

What makes PHP so special? Today majority of the web frameworks are written in PHP. Whether it is Magento, which powers massive eCommerce sites or Drupal, a web platform which government sites swear by – PHP has grabbed the limelight. Eager to know who’s the brain behind this big-bang theory in the web development world? He is Rasmus Lerdorf.

He utilized the first version to run his own home page and named it as Personal Home Page (PHP). Rasmus was curious to code his web page such that it could help him to keep a track of users viewing his online resume. To make it more powerful, he created functions in C which allows connectivity to a database. This is the secret element that powers developers to build dynamic web pages on PHP.

Why developers love PHP? One of the main reasons why developers choose PHP is that it is quick to learn and quite simple to use. PHP competes against a number of other web scripting solutions such as Active Server Pages and PERL, but the learning curve is steep and these languages require putting in more hours of practice.

Gold mine of big advantages Another big benefit of PHP is its interoperability with multiple operating systems. Web owners can use PHP with either with Linux, Windows or Macs, for instance. They can also use it with the popular open source Apache server. Now compare that with Microsoft’s Active Server Pages. Once you develop your website on it you are stuck with Microsoft-enabled servers only. PHP allows web owners to utilize the best of the web technologies for an amazing web user experience.

“Developers have taken a liking for PHP because it is emerging as the most efficient, open-source scripting language”, says Jayneel Patel, Managing Director of OpenXcell Technolabs, a prominent PHP web development company. Besides, it’s well established that Apache is the most used web server in the world and PHP is the most used language for coding websites.

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