1. Tom Evans Tom Evans

    When I heard the Rocky theme song playing at the beginning of the video I knew this was going to be good and you didn't fail to deliver. This is the best video on php I have found on YouTube yet. I like the way you showed the practical use of php when creating dynamic pages rather than just teaching the theory of the code which most people are probably already somewhat familiar with if they have already learnt a similar language. The students are always wondering, "so how is this used?", which is why we're watching the video in the first place. Thumbs up and keep up the fantastic work. I'll be looking into the paid version to finish learning the rest of this course.

  2. Terry Terry

    you the best man,,,

    been struggling with PHP for some time,,, using your videos now i even laugh at myself, i bought the full course and i dont regret any part of it,,,, "edwin from the future" hahahahaha

  3. Recommendations Recommendations

    you didn't explain about functions

  4. Recommendations Recommendations

    at 1:39:37, how do you did the comment while you marked the code?

  5. Recommendations Recommendations

    Thanks a lot!
    Can you do please a video about OOP PHP?

  6. Recommendations Recommendations

    what with the # comment?

  7. Joseph Joshua Anggita Joseph Joshua Anggita

    in java/c++ you use like: String name = value;
    int name = value;
    bool(boolean if your using java) = true/false;
    Float = 1.0f;
    double = 1.2;

  8. Rajesh Sharma Rajesh Sharma

    Really Good to Learn. Thanks Friend

  9. Teddy Haile Teddy Haile

    I really like your tutorial, but please help me to configure XAMPP (appachi), every code I tried form your cores it doesn't show up or doesn't work for me. I need help please .
    I was tried two computers but I was not successful. I have to learn php as soon as possible and I found your tutorial the best by far.

  10. Avi Gill Avi Gill

    are u teaching php or html in this course like please put php content only we are looking for that thanks.

  11. selvakumaran selvakumaran

    how many days can i access this php course videos


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