Php vs Java

Is php right choice to build large and secure web applications? Well, answer is Yes. Gone are those days where php is just for small projects. With huge community and active development team since its birth in 1994, php has evolved as a great web programming language and first choice for many developers and clients below are few points to show why is php preferred than other programming languages to build large and robust applications. Major things to consider before chosing a programming language are development speed, performance, scalability, Security, cost, support.

In the past php when there was no oops support in php, it was considered for small projects worked by small team. Reason was with oops a programmer can build very organized and robust code. So, java was the preferred choice. Also there were no major IDEs that support PHP. Lack of IDE support for PHP was a major drawback. These are few reasons why java was the preferred choice among both.

Now that php has variety of wonderful IDE’s to develop in and also support for oop as effectively as java php is preferred over java. Slow development pace in java is also one of reason why programmers choose php

PHP has many robust frameworks to start with. Depending on project requirements we can choose right framework and kick start right from beginning. Below is the list of Top open source PHP frameworks

* Yii
* CodeIgniter
* CakePHP
* Zend
* Symfony
* PHPDevShell
* Prado
* Akelos
* ZooP

Also PHP has many readymade solutions and CMS, Each of these has their own community and support , hence highly tested and secure applications. Because of these solutions many projects can be completed in the matter of days or weeks unlike other programming languages. Below is the list

* Phpmyadmin (1998)
* Squirrelmail (1999)
* Oscommerce (2000)
* PHPBB (2000)
* Gallery (2001)
* Drupal (2001)
* Mediawiki (2002)
* Wordpress (2003)
* SugarCRM (2004)
* Joomla (2005)
* Pligg (2005)
* Magento (2007)
* Elgg (2008)
* PhpMotion (2008)

Being supported by many big companies and developed by active developers and huge community it is no doubt that PHP has bright future.

Kiran Ambati is a Php Developer at Etisbew Technology Group – PHP Zend Development Company Etisbew has an impressive track record and expertise in the latest Information Technology, Website Redesign, Custom Application Development, ColdFusion, Dotnet, Php and Java.

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