Pilates Live Charity Ride

Pilates Live Charity Ride
This ride is going to be so much fun, ya'll! SoulCycle, Vita Coco, AND organic champagne and rose flavored cotton candy. I mean COME ON!!! How can you not want to partake in this fun filled experience to benefit Pilates Youth organization and Mari Winsor?  Mari is battling ALS and by selling out this ride, you will help with her high medical expenses. Mari is a PIlates legend. Pilates Youth Organzation develops Pilates based fitness and wellness programs for children in underserved communities. EVENT HOSTS: Savannah - Socially Fit Blog Leah - Think Three Media Donna Lea Fisher - Body Proof Studio Alexia - Pilates Live Jared - Middle School Teacher (and Alexia's boo)

at SoulCycle Uptown
3699 McKinney Avenue , Space 309
Dallas, United States



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