Plan your storage area when designing commercial freight car storage space

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For those starting with the contracting business, understanding the best way to design a freight vehicle storage system can seem like a daunting task. For convenience, the project is broken down into six specific areas of the van, each of which takes into account different storage functions.

Just as your studio is organized according to the tasks or functions of your profession, if you plan your space in advance, your work car can be equally effective. Think about your studio. For some reason, you put the toolbox in one area and your saws, drill presses, and other equipment are deployed in other areas to meet the space they need. Functionally, when you really need to store them on the drill press through the workbench and toolbox, you won't store all the small screwdrivers.

When you see storage capacity based on different areas, your truck storage will be equally effective. Think about six different areas of a commercial truck:

  1. Partition behind the seat
  2. Roof
  3. Above ground
  4. Streetside behind the seat
  5. Behind the street
  6. Roadside roadside

The first area of ​​the truck storage area begins with whether you need a sturdy partition or a compartment with a door to access the rear of the truck. Either way, the partition is more than just an empty wall, it can also be used to hang items to make them easy to reach.

The roof of many commercial vehicles is used to transport large or long pieces. Know the weight load of your particular truck and learn about the trucks you might carry. There are shelves, ladders and utility racks, each for the safe transport of products on the top of the vehicle.

Usually, longer items are kept on top of the truck – but not every storage case. The floor of your Nissan NV truck can be fitted with an internal long section storage system below the truck center. This type of system typically includes a fixed tie strap and can easily be installed with pipes or pipes up to 10 feet long!

Behind the seat, on the street side of the truck, you may want to consider adding a shelf or drawer unit. Again, determine your storage needs and view the entire workspace. What is the function of that particular space relative to other spaces when you are in the van? Know what you can do there or where you can store it. This space is directly opposite the side door of the truck, so you can easily use quick tools or equipment. Shelving systems with workstations that contain catalog file organization make it easy to find the information you need at work.

Later, on the street side of the truck, you may want to store other items that normally need to be accessed from the back door. From the back of the truck, things like fuel tank brackets, hooks or reel brackets can be used effectively.

On the roadside part of the van, just behind the side door, you might want some other storage ideas. The lockable drawer unit can work here to accommodate small parts and supplies. Since the side of the cabinet subsystem can be accessed from the door and the rear door, it is a good place to suspend the hook storage system. Separators can also separate small equipment or machines that you want to fix while driving.

Remember to consider the function of the truck storage area and set up your commercial truck in a way that will help you work safely, efficiently and efficiently. Each area of ​​your truck can have different uses, and by planning ahead, you don't waste any areas that can be used to maximize your truck's storage space.

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