Podcasting 101: From Setup to Publish in 10 mins



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    • avatar Beat Designers 0

      I have a music production website that I created. Could I post my podcast onto my personal website and use my RSS feed there as well?

      • avatar Wipeout2806 1

        hahaha I'm sorry but the test made me laugh so hard I don't know why! Great video

        • avatar Gash Hounds 1

          how do you record your computer screen and also yourself at the same time?

          • avatar John C 1

            what is the app called for the music intro

            • avatar Chris Mottes 2

              But if you say that there is a danger of software crashing while recording Skype, then why use Skype? Skype is software! And your computer runs on software, which could also crash while recording, thus crashing your Skype recording. I have to disagree that there is a reduced risk using your setup – Skype is probably the weakest link in terms of software risk, so using your computer to record your podcasts on an Digital Audio Workspace like Hindenburg is a minor risk in comparison and has many advantages. Including that it does all the things you mention from Audiophonic as part of the process.

              • avatar Bill Stewart 1

                Thankful this dude isn't my neighbor…

                • avatar ty rick 1

                  pause at 5:47. you'll see it.

                  • avatar Leo Danielson 1

                    What is the name of your recorder?

                    • avatar Black Dragon National President 2

                      Excellent information! Let's see how well I understood by how decent my podcast is. :-) Thank you.

                      • avatar Chris Ciric 2

                        so you could potentially play a soundboard, and Skype/Google call at the same time from your computer?

                        • avatar Patrick Emeribe 1

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                          • avatar I'm Injured Not Stupid Podcast 1

                            Sorry I'm a stroke survivor and can't understand the website you're using to normalize your Podcast? Would you provide a link please?

                            • avatar MarquesInspires 2

                              great and awesome…your explaining this set up was very helpful

                              • avatar Bastian Lee Jones 1

                                great one – many thx!

                                • avatar funnyjones 0

                                  The powerpress settings page you give in here is no longer valid and a search on your website wasnt much help either. Can you direct me to a place I can see the settings you have? Thanks – Jonesy

                                  • avatar Guitar T 1

                                    what are u talking about

                                    • avatar Ryde Culture 1

                                      You have a great article for this video too!

                                      • avatar Brenda Gesell 1

                                        How do you hook up your iphone to your zoom recorder (what cable?)

                                        • avatar Chad Overfield 2

                                          Blew a speaker in my laptop, with that shit.. You really should have told your viewers to turn the volume down mate. How hard is it to put an annotation up?