1. Nicholas Macarages Nicholas Macarages

    What kind of cable to do you have running from your mixer to your Mac? Most sites recommend an interface not a mixer, and I can't see the outputs on the mixer.

  2. That Vegan Couple That Vegan Couple

    Very helpful, thanks Pat! What mic do you recommend for 2 people recording a podcast? We've heard the Blue Yeti might be good for this … what are your thoughts? And we'd prefer to not use a mixer.

  3. Malachi Vargas Malachi Vargas

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for the podcast guide. You make it so much easier for me to map out the steps to set up my very own podcast. I'm making a podcast for casual conversations I have with my friends about life.

    I wrote down some notes from your video. Hope you or anyone here watching can use these notes as a quick reference to your main points. 🙂

    Here are my notes:


  4. Jim O'Donnell Jim O'Donnell

    Great information. Some time around 4:18 the sound went to crap, which happens to me frequently when I'm voicing tutorials. Still, the content was good enough that I stuck it out. Cheers!

  5. Juan Navarro Juan Navarro

    Any updated version of these videos ?

  6. Medusa Tarot Medusa Tarot

    Hey Pat, thank you so much for these videos — godsend. I have a question: do I have to have my own webpage in order to have a podcast? Or, can I simply upload my podcasts to iTunes, Podcast Alley, etc…. and have them played there? If I do need a webpage – do you have any host suggestions? I am looking to make money, FYI.

  7. Jessica del cid Jessica del cid

    The price of the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB is way off! it´s about 70$ on amazon!

  8. LMAO Your Serious? LMAO Your Serious?

    Would a "Turtle Beech" gaming headset be sufficient in terms of sound quality?

  9. h.k. Chouhan h.k. Chouhan

    it's great Reallllllllllly amazing
    Hridayesh chouhan corporate trainer Raipur

  10. Richard Herencia Richard Herencia

    Hi Pat. I have the Xenyx1002FX . How do you connect your mixer to your Imac?

  11. Keith Winestein Keith Winestein

    So pleased to find this tutorial. Very helpful. Cheers

  12. Peter Malling Peter Malling

    thanks for a great tutorials. are you using a teleprompter?

  13. Brian Plowcha Brian Plowcha

    Anyone have advice about starting a 2 person podcast? (Same physical space)
    Need 2 mics, right? Is this going to be harder with the software files?

  14. Laura Doyle Laura Doyle

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks so much for your awesome videos- I have watched them a few times now. The past few days I have tried to look at Blue Host and can't open the site. I have used GoDaddy in the past and had a good experience. Is GoDaddy a good place to build and host a site? If the goal is a small amount of product sales but primarily podcasts? And the end goal of selling online classes. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your great work!

  15. Benard Man Benard Man

    You forgot to tell people to torrent

  16. TheCleanseCoach TheCleanseCoach

    What do y ou think of Zoom vs Skype for recording? 🙂


    Mc pat Flynn

  18. Mikael Andersson Mikael Andersson

    I have a dumb question, there must be a good reason why noone recommend this but i have to ask.
    When recording skype calls, why dont you use audacity? I can just forward a virtual mic from which ever audio device i use to hear the person on the other end and use that as a mic in audacity?

  19. Octavia Nakia&Co. Octavia Nakia&Co.

    How do I record a podcast with a friend ? Like what equipment is needed for two mics?


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