Podcasting Tutorial – Video 1: Equipment and Software

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    • avatar Nicholas Macarages 1

      What kind of cable to do you have running from your mixer to your Mac? Most sites recommend an interface not a mixer, and I can't see the outputs on the mixer.

      • avatar That Vegan Couple 1

        Very helpful, thanks Pat! What mic do you recommend for 2 people recording a podcast? We've heard the Blue Yeti might be good for this … what are your thoughts? And we'd prefer to not use a mixer.

        • avatar Malachi Vargas 1

          Hi Pat,

          Thanks for the podcast guide. You make it so much easier for me to map out the steps to set up my very own podcast. I'm making a podcast for casual conversations I have with my friends about life.

          I wrote down some notes from your video. Hope you or anyone here watching can use these notes as a quick reference to your main points. :)

          Here are my notes:


          • avatar Jim O'Donnell 1

            Great information. Some time around 4:18 the sound went to crap, which happens to me frequently when I'm voicing tutorials. Still, the content was good enough that I stuck it out. Cheers!

            • avatar Juan Navarro 1

              Any updated version of these videos ?

              • avatar Medusa Tarot 1

                Hey Pat, thank you so much for these videos — godsend. I have a question: do I have to have my own webpage in order to have a podcast? Or, can I simply upload my podcasts to iTunes, Podcast Alley, etc…. and have them played there? If I do need a webpage – do you have any host suggestions? I am looking to make money, FYI.

                • avatar Jessica del cid 1

                  The price of the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB is way off! it´s about 70$ on amazon!

                  • avatar LMAO Your Serious? 1

                    Would a "Turtle Beech" gaming headset be sufficient in terms of sound quality?

                    • avatar h.k. Chouhan 0

                      it's great Reallllllllllly amazing
                      Hridayesh chouhan corporate trainer Raipur

                      • avatar Richard Herencia 0

                        Hi Pat. I have the Xenyx1002FX . How do you connect your mixer to your Imac?

                        • avatar Keith Winestein 1

                          So pleased to find this tutorial. Very helpful. Cheers

                          • avatar Peter Malling 1

                            thanks for a great tutorials. are you using a teleprompter?

                            • avatar Brian Plowcha 1

                              Anyone have advice about starting a 2 person podcast? (Same physical space)
                              Need 2 mics, right? Is this going to be harder with the software files?

                              • avatar Laura Doyle 2

                                Hi Pat,
                                Thanks so much for your awesome videos- I have watched them a few times now. The past few days I have tried to look at Blue Host and can't open the site. I have used GoDaddy in the past and had a good experience. Is GoDaddy a good place to build and host a site? If the goal is a small amount of product sales but primarily podcasts? And the end goal of selling online classes. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your great work!

                                • avatar Benard Man 2

                                  You forgot to tell people to torrent

                                  • avatar TheCleanseCoach 1

                                    What do y ou think of Zoom vs Skype for recording? :)

                                    • avatar NETWORK STUDIOS 0

                                      Mc pat Flynn

                                      • avatar Mikael Andersson 1

                                        I have a dumb question, there must be a good reason why noone recommend this but i have to ask.
                                        When recording skype calls, why dont you use audacity? I can just forward a virtual mic from which ever audio device i use to hear the person on the other end and use that as a mic in audacity?

                                        • avatar Octavia Nakia&Co. 2

                                          How do I record a podcast with a friend ? Like what equipment is needed for two mics?