Pokemon to redefine our community

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The new sensational app Pokemon Go redefines our community because strangers join forces to track and capture imaginary monsters! Has Pokemon just solved the gap between the lack of activity in the new generation of digital devices and the old ways of adventure? We think it might have.

Undeniably, Niantic's Pokemon Go has become a sensation overnight. In just a few days, it added more than $9 billion in value to Nintendo's name and almost surpassed Twitter in everyday active users. But the most shocking thing is the behavior of our community. No matter where you go, you will see children, teenagers, and even adults chasing fictional Pokemon on the street with their mobile phones. Every corner of every major city is packed with a variety of Pokemon Go players. Complete strangers unite and fight each other with fictional monsters to defend the fictitious mark on the real position. Some people think this is a problem, while others think it may help individuals who are socially challenged to join the community. The entire town, once lacking a booming town, is now filled with lively youth groups, excitedly playing Pokemon Go. Due to the location of the battlefield in the game, the attendance of the church is higher. Although players enter areas that they don't belong to, most players have already traveled to community parks and public areas, so that we can miss the good times when people talked to each other through coffee.

The Pokemon soon became the reason we visited the city, gathered or walked with friends. A large number of fan-based communities pop up on the web. Thousands of members and attendees have emerged from many Facebook groups and events. Hope this is not a bubble, it continues to encourage users to explore.

Crazy seems to need an app that lets people go out and interact with the world, and we can't help but see positive thoughts, which may be a good thing for us.

The world has been under unprecedented pressure, and hate splitting in our community has been a growing problem. Who knows, maybe Pokemon Go is the answer we want to overcome these recent challenges and bring people together? It may not be, but hope does not hurt!


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