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All businesses need traffic. Fashion changes in marketing and one effective one may drop effectiveness or favor at another time. So, whether you use a paid, free traffic source or not, you need to use multiple traffic sources; the mix is ​​good.

To be truly successful, you need to create your own list of fans who regularly purchase products. There are many ways to do this because your list is built, so your profits. To do this, you need a good auto responder to capture their details and send an email. Here are some sources of traffic that can help you.

Something you do can bring traffic to your sales page almost immediately; things like solo ads or PPC. With these choices, you know that you can place ads and see the results in a few days or hours. This is especially important if you are testing new things.

Banner ads on your website or other people's websites may not be as immediate, unless they are supported by the current theme, making them particularly attractive. However, they are good sources of long-term transportation. Forum marketing, if you use active, busy forums and reviews of current products can be quick, but long-term they continue to work as long as people read your posts. The resource box behind your post is where you link to your site.

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 Writing is not always a popular source of traffic, but if you build a follower of your readers, written daily or regularly, they can bring steady traffic because once the articles are delivered online with your resource box and website link. As long as your articles continue to be read, they will attach your contact details. Your article should be well written and contain the information people are looking for. If you are poorly cashed but have plenty of time, this is a good source of support traffic.

Video marketing is both a fast source of transportation and will continue to work for many years, making it a long-term investment in your time. Check out YouTube and other video sites and you'll see that popular videos from a few years ago are still being reviewed and viewed.

The video is very popular and you can find videos on YouTube no matter what you want to solve. We are in Spain and want to watch TV from a laptop. We visited YouTube to learn how to connect it to TV. Sure enough, several videos show the cable to be used. A few months ago, my daughter's car was locked in her car. Yes, YouTube got the answer, which saved her a huge sum. Even last night I tried to find the button to make my new laptop not so bright, you guessed it was my way to You Tube.

So let your video provide information, solve the problem, and you will get watched. Your videos will be improved through practice, or you can outsource them and make them for you. You can even watch a video that tells you how to make a video, take a happy shot and direct your traffic back to your website.

Some books that help you build a list:

"SEO step by step" from

Cai Min Jones

"500 Social Media Marketing Tips" from

Andrew McCarthy

Ian Brody's "Email Persuasion"

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