Portugal: Drone captures the devastation of deadly Pedrogao Grande forest fires

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    • avatar Georges CRUZ 1

      Estas imagens são uma vergonha ! certos comentarios escandalosos.

      • avatar cselenachirita 2


        • avatar strawberrywithmilk is fantastic 1

          where is Christopher Columbus when you need him

          • avatar Laila for peace 1

            and than comes an idiot like Donald Trump who is against climate change agreements! May such a fire catch HIM and not inocent people!! 😠

            • avatar Paul Osweiler 0

              Official news: Radical Muslims started the fire( NSI Today )

              • avatar ron lea 1

                Weird this happened right after the apartment fire in London, I wonder if Radical Islam started this, even if they did we all know our leaders will cover this up, if I was leader of the none Muslim world I would send all Islam back and demolish all Mosques , Islam has no place in none Muslim nations, in time people will wake up and realize this, the attacks will never stop and our leaders know this, there responsible for all that is happened and Merkel is number one ..

                • avatar EFFICIENT REMOVER 1

                  Satan was there

                  • avatar Marko Antonio 1

                    Ho visto sul Telegiornale (TG1) ieri sera nell' EU le brutte immagini dei veicolo sul cammino …..tutte brucciate dove tante delle vittime hanno perdute le loro vita in questi incendi-forestali al centro Portogallo.

                    • avatar Sara Gutierrez 2

                      NO PARECE UN INCENDIO. MUY RARO

                      • avatar Dopamine dias 1

                        a estrada da morte

                        • avatar Roberto Durante 1

                          Do you know why this wild fire are much more stronger than in the past, and nobody talk about this very important factor, We had here also in 2012 a very intense wild fire, the most destructive in the history of the island. My opinion is that if you know the composition of the chemtrail as aluminum, barium etc…. this stuff come down on our forest everywhere this chemtrails planes fly over, and I can assure you that in Europe they are very active to do this contamination. Of course no government want to analyze the asses, to look for aluminum traces, they don't want to show the evidences.

                          • avatar José Victor Gonçalves 1

                            Highest rise of atheists since the earthquake of 1755 !!

                            • avatar jutubaeh 1

                              like a nuke sun radiation source… evaporation without contact..?

                              • avatar CrushAssad 1

                                You see this time and time again. People want to stay with their property until it's too late to escape. Get out while it's safe. property can be rebuilt, not so for people.