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When you need to create some media impressions for your new business, you can consider some basic methods, such as TV commercials, radio, online marketing, and you can hire a professional PR company to generate a press release for your business or company. But public relations and advertising are not the same thing, you must understand the difference between public relations and other advertising methods. For example, when you hire a competitive sales team for product promotion and outdoor sales, they often try to interact effectively with new audiences and help you find potential customers for your product. This is also considered a public relations technology. However, your press release may not be connected or retained by your own employees and may be published by a well-known anonymous public relations agency. In the second way, people can not only increase sales, but also build their own brand value in the global market.

What is the difference between a press release and an advertisement?

You can control your ads and create, edit, distribute and limit your ads at any time. In addition, you need to pay for different forms of advertising, such as print media, online advertising, radio and TV commercials. Remember your last billboard ad, made by your creative team and you paid for the billboard. But when you choose market-oriented PR, you can't control them through your own team and don't charge for press releases. Any well-known public relations company can spread positive and negative public relations for your company, and you must ensure that your company can leave a positive mark on the global market.

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 : You have a control panel for your ads, and you can add some impressive images, illustrations and content to your ads. Even after a while, you can use separate flyers to change flyers and promote different products. But for PR, once you post your post, you can't change it later. After that, the reporter will decide what to do and they can invalidate your post without notifying you. The press release is more realistic and customers can view these press releases as true media impressions.

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 : Do you want to publish print ads in the daily newspaper? Then you should create a flyer and send it to the editor of the newspaper before the deadline. Even after the deadline set by the newsprint organization, you can choose to post the same ads on billboards, other news newspapers, and online advertising portals. However, if you post a press release, you won't be able to delete it. Different companies and online news forums will read your posts from major sources and provide their feedback.

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 : You might think that if you create some positive and impressive ads, then the reporter will write some positive new stories. But this is a misunderstanding because journalists won't write anything based on your ad; they will find exclusive news from their true source. Therefore PR or press releases cannot be modified, spun or controlled by the company. But paid advertising is the darling of the company.

Don't try to fool your customers:

If you think consumers don't know anything about market trends and you can easily impress them by showing some positive ads, then you are living in a fool's paradise. Customers can test your products once, but if they find them bad, they will start sending messages to others to avoid your product. Therefore, paid advertising can provide you with limited initial sales, so if you want to stabilize your company, then PR is the only true public impression policy.

You can hire a journalist or public relations company to write your press release, but don't think they will write down their stories to impress you. They will test your product, or they will collect some information from your previous customers, and they will write a press release based on these comments. So, please note why customers rely on press releases, not ads.

Your PR is currently not available for publishing:

Do you want to make some commercial press releases for your company? PR cannot be commercialized because they only need to generate real information. Therefore, no public relations company or journalist will convert your business motives into their press releases because they are not your employees and they only register to use real information. So the next time you plan to generate a commercial PR, you must be prepared to use the answer as "No."

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