Practical Defensive Python – BSidesCLE17 Training

Practical Defensive Python - BSidesCLE17 Training
Training on how to use Python in a Practical manner to Defend your infrastructure. The course begins by teaching the basics of Python. It then continues with the use of practical examples in order to promote a better understanding of Python and how it can be used to defend your infrastructure. A focus on labs will allow you to learn by participating. Each lab starts with a demonstration and ends with a discussion-based postmortem. The labs are constructed to keep you engaged and getting the most from this course. Charles Yost is currently a Security Developer at Binary Defense. He has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years in a wide variety of roles including: Printer Technician, VoIP Systems Administrator, .Net Developer, and Web Developer. Throughout life his number one passion has been learning new skills. He can often be found researching a topic, attempting to keep up with the quickly evolving field of technology. Charles enjoys teaching and talking to others about technology. He is a member of NEOISF, and attends as many InfoSec conferences as he can justify with his wife.

at Cleveland Heights - University Heights Public Library
2345 Lee Road
Cleveland, United States



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