Practical skills of 6 remote God parents

Help! I am a long-distance Godparent. I was recently asked the same child who sponsored my dearest two friends, and I felt the same panic. Because they cultivated their precious bondage spirit to me. I have to see how I measure it. My main drawback is that I live too far.

This family lives in the Caribbean and I am in Central America. That's right, not too far. Still, I am not in the same country, it is still a long journey. In any relationship, distance will have a negative impact.

I have been thinking about my role since I was asked. In addition, I am recognized to wear another shoe – give parents some advice on this issue. Therefore, I decided to review and listen to my own opinions. I believe it is wise to accept my own advice before all of my older people, and my latest prodigy has decided to get rid of me.

Being a godmother or godfather is much more serious than many people realize. For some of you, I might say that. However, the fact is that too many people [including some parents] tend to regard this responsibility as a status and prestige status without realizing that they have an awesome responsibility in their hands. So I compiled a list for myself and shared it with you.

6 useful remote God raising skills

Participate in the first ceremony – it doesn't matter how far you live. You should attend this first ceremony of baptism or dedication. Some churches are obliged to do so. My sister and colleagues are Moravian, my existence is mandatory. I think I will not miss this ceremony!

Make a chart of one or more God children – I have 6! I have heard of this good idea and think it is very practical. Keep your chart in one place. It can be a mini version of your diary or a large pen hanging on the bedroom or office wall. You can also pray for your Godchild using this chart.

List their names, birthdays, baptisms or dedication dates, other passing ceremonies, such as the first day of school and so on. In this regard, you need the help of your parents to send you updates and pictures.

Pray regularly – leave your Godchild on your prayer list and pray for them. Your role as Godparent is to provide spiritual cultivation. This is not to buy expensive gifts, unlike the popular culture you imagined.

Stay in touch and communicate – Even before the child can speak, ask the parents to put him or her on the phone so they are used to hearing your voice. Believe me, your Godchild will recognize you in your voice when they first see you. Write a card and send a card on Baptism/Dedication, Birthday, Graduation Day Anniversary, and I am just thinking of you.

Today's children seem to know how to use a computer by nature. They are more advanced than us. If you are reading online, maybe you are not too old. Keep in touch via the internet using email and instant messenger. This can prove to be a useful way to connect, and your Godchild knows that he or she has someone who can talk to his parents.

Spend time together – spend time with Godchild's family as much as possible, or invite your child to visit with you. This may include summer vacations or other school holidays as well as your vacation time.

Giving spiritual parenting and gifts – Parents often look for parents, not because they can give spiritual care, but because they have the ability to buy expensive gifts for their children. Those parents missed the point of view of this religious role. If properly understood, God's parents should understand their role, mainly to support spiritual education and to nurture children.

Even if you are far away, you can still provide meaningful gifts that will help affirm your godfather's spiritual care and education. Then it makes sense that most of your gifts are religious in nature. When competing with violent video games, this is not an easy choice. These dolls will scream out commercial versions of the beauty and other useless and psychologically destructive toys.

So, I heard the questions that every godfather must ask. Where do I get these spiritual parenting gifts? Isn't that boring? Listen, this is a brand new story. I am still searching, so please pay attention to my suggestion.

Happy priest with new promise!

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