Premier Property Club (PPC) – Kent

Premier Property Club (PPC) – Kent
Premier Property Club (PPC) – Kent   YOUR NEXT PREMIER PROPERTY CLUB (PPC) EXPERT SPEAKER: Topic: Joint Ventures Master Class    FORMAT OF PREMIER PROPERTY CLUB (PPC) EVENTS 6:30pm – Doors Open for Arrival and Networking 7:00pm – Event Starts 7:15pm – Main Speakers Begin. This session includes a comfort break. 9:00pm – Expert Speakers Q & A Session 9:30pm – Post Event Networking ABOUT THE PREMIER PROPERTY CLUB (PPC) The Premier Property Club (PPC) is a Property Club which is open to any member of the public who has an interest in property investing, whether it be learning about investing property, providing a property related service, or networking to find future joint venture and business partners. We attract a range of fantastic people to our Premier Property Club (PPC) Events, from people who are looking buy their first investment property, to experienced Landlords and investors with large portfolios. The great mix of people means that it gives you an opportunity to learn, network, and grow, so that you can accelerate your success in property. Types of People who attend the Premier Property Club (PPC): New Property InvestorsExperienced Property InvestorsLandlord with Large PortfoliosProperty DevelopersBusiness OwnersService ProvidersTradersEveryone Interested in Property   Each month we focus on a specific topic relevant to property investors at all stages, from beginners to experts. There is a formal educational seminar for you. Our guest speakers are top Experts in their respective fields. We have Networking Sessions as a chance to build your personal network. We have a Q&A session at events, where you can ask the Expert Panel any Questions you may have.   ABOUT THE FOUNDER KAM DOVEDI Kam Dovedi is a highly respected UK leading property expert. Kam has been investing for over 26 years and has built up a significant Multi Million Pound property portfolio resulting in financial freedom. Kam is an extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced Property Specialist.   His passion for property is infectious and has allowed him to give back. Kam has been invited to speak at hundreds of events nationally, has mentored over 200 successful property investors and is the founder of Premier Property Education.   Premier Property Education provide a range interactive workshops, trainings, and private mentorship programmes to take your property investing to the next level, whether you are new to property, or experienced.   Kam is also the founder of Premier Portfolio Builder, an award winning property portfolio building service based in South East England which actively buys between £1-£2 million property each month for their clients.   The knowledge Kam has gained over his 26 year property journey, has allowed him to become a published author of Boost Your Pension And Income: the smart investor’s guide to creating a profitable property portfolio; a book that has been praised by many UK leading property experts.   FAQ’s Do I Need to Book a Place to Attend?   For you to attend the Premier Property Club (PPC), We encourage you to book in advance, as it guarantees you a seat, as we have a limited availability of tickets, and our events often sell out.   Is there a dress code?   We would recommend that you wear something you are comfortable in, most attendees are dressed smartly.   What time does the event start?   Doors open at 6:30pm and the speakers begin at 7pm   Who do I contact if I have questions about the event?   Please email

at Carlton Park Hotel
Moorgate Road
Rotherham, United Kingdom

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