Private jet details and aircraft cleaning entrepreneurs have good news for 2017

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The general aviation industry has been in a downturn. Some attribute this to the increase in FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] regulations, most of which occurred after 9-11 to protect airports from potential terrorist attacks, unfortunately, these increased security requirements and Increased regulations have killed the general aviation [GA] sector. The economic collapse of 2000 and 2008 did not help, even though the economy flew high in 2003 due to Bush’s tax cuts and stimulus measures, and then it was once again in trouble until the outbreak of the 2008 collapse.

Since then, the general aviation sector has only slightly recovered, but has not returned to the 2003 high. When Obama was elected, he attacked business jets and corporate fat cats, which damaged jet sales and sales of new aircraft. Remember when Congress chased automakers to fly business jets to Washington, DC for help? The public sentiment towards GA is at an all-time low.

All of this hurts aircraft cleaners and jet details – it makes making money difficult, but it seems that things are changing and the number of GA aircraft is increasing. Unlike the Obama administration, this new Trump administration supports aviation. Cutting corporate taxes will also help sell GAs and jets. For the general aviation service industry, it looks like a clear sky.

There is a great article in AIN – Aircraft International News – December edition, titled; "The UBS Bizjet Index saw a surge after the election", Chad Trautvetter was released on December 12, 2016, which noted the following facts; The new Trump administration in the United States is generally considered to be positive, with 61% of respondents expecting the results of the US presidential election to have a significant positive impact on the business jet market, while 11% of respondents believe that there will be no positive Impact, 28% is uncertain.

In fact, the article goes on to point out that private aircraft orders increased by 44-49% last year. Many of these aircraft will be delivered in 2018, and the backlog will increase second-hand aircraft sales and current new inventory. More aircraft definitely means more aircraft to clean, more new aircraft means more companies will also be in the same time as customers, as the jet market increases, we see jet air The increase in taxi services and the Uber flight plan that small companies can purchase. All of this means that the GA department is ready to take off again, which is good for business.

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