Product launch event – the lifeblood of the business

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Few corporate activities are more important than launching new products and services. Many companies simply complete these actions during the product release, repeating the same shabby formula they have been using – but each product release is an opportunity to open a new page in the company's history, it can be in rags and wealth Make a difference.

Any new product can point to the existing market [a group of known potential customers and customers] and can also solve new markets. However, when launching a new product or service, you need to innovate beyond what you have done in the past. You can choose – let your product get lost in the noise or start it in different ways.

If your company is marketing a new product line [or service] to a new target market – different categories of users or different application focus than previously used, the launch of a new product requires a lot of startup work. You may also be trying to reinvigorate the sale of existing products or services, which needs to be launched to sustain revenue, attract new customers and defend against competitors.

In either case, product release activities should be avoided in a single big bang without a follow-up plan. You target your product to its life cycle. Successful product introductions are company-wide activities. They must be the focus of the entire organization.

Set up phase for product release

Long before the product launch, you need to take the time to build a pre-launch activity based on the opportunity. This pre-release study will provide insights on product availability, functional requirements, pricing and packaging considerations. Consider the projected revenue [12 to 18 months after launch, for beginners], you need to achieve break-even profits, and the potential return on your investment.

Front-end research and analysis is the process of gaining insight and collecting data that will impact product launch activities. You are not just collecting information, but explaining it. Avoid just focusing on publishing – consider the product lifecycle in your plan. It's possible that when the actual product enters the market, the data you collect to support your launch activity may be a year or more. With a great one – the words of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, make sure you are going to the location of the hockey, not its position. Otherwise, your trademark may be missing from your publishing campaign.

Research elements in the data collection process


– Competing for your product or service

  – Potential customers & #39; purchase effects and attitudes

  – Market preparation and your product needs

Product based

– Main applications, features and benefits [from the customer's perspective]

  – Service and support components that your product will include

  – Packaging considerations

External type

– Economic status by economic sector, region or region

  – Regulatory changes in your industry

  – Technical considerations [current and future]

Develop the right concept for your product

Creativity is critical to product launches – but balanced with thought-provoking ideas that the concepts you choose are critical to launching products that generate revenue. Avoid the temptation to become smart in the campaign – it may lose the audience, lower your credibility or worse, and become a source of entertainment.

A good theme for product launch activities focuses on solving problems, not just the use of products. It's also important to choose the right concept to choose the right launch vehicle for your campaign. Consider media and public relations, direct response clips, catalogs, email bulletins, website promotions, industry guides, electronic broadcasts and telemarketing. The vehicle you choose will depend on the specifics of your specific business, as well as what your appetite and budget can tolerate.

Choose your information

The essence of the whole event will be its message. The right information captures the attention of your audience, explains your new product or service, differentiates it from your competitors, creates action, and enables the theme of the event to be permanent [for the intended life of the product]. Topic activities tend to be better than product-focused activities. They can also last longer.

Your information must be expressed in the attitude, tone and language of your target client. It must also talk to your product and your product separately. Pass your information through the logo test. If you can replace your company's logo with a competitor's logo and the campaign message still makes sense, go back to the drawing board. Work hard until you are right.

When you are waiting

While making promotional materials, you can prepare your company for an official release. Use this time to communicate with media sources, investors and other interested parties. Create a written campaign action plan that describes the key tasks you must complete, determine the completion date, the resources you need, and how you can measure progress.

The early success of new products is often promoted and released. Whenever you can demonstrate a customer's recognition of a new product, it will earn confidence for your target audience, including your company's internal employees.

After launch

If you do it right, your efforts in developing a successful product will be consistent with your product to suit your sales life. However, as the product matures, you may need to revisit this process, innovate new uses of the product, repackage, add value, find different distribution mechanisms, introduce new incentives, and more to ensure that the product continues to generate revenue.

Once you have mastered the process of successfully launching a product, you can extend the marketability of any product and give it a new life.

Your publishing method can accomplish or destroy you in a competitive business jungle.

  Does your launch method keep up with the pace?

Are you sure that the upcoming launch will be a success?

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