Professional and vintage testing to check the purity of silver and gold

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Gold collectors know precious metals and their outstanding properties to scrutinize and identify. It is best to identify gold and keep it safe and not misleading. It is now done through various practices.

Different tests

Skin test

Wearing fake gold can cause skin discoloration, which is not a myth. A simple test is to hold the gold for a few minutes. If it is not real gold, there will be sweat and chemical reactions that will make the skin appear green or black. The real gold did not respond. Conduct a certification test to verify its purity and weight.

Carat mark

Genuine silver and gold jewellery has a carat mark that will mark the purity. Just familiarize yourself with the US and European marks.

Acid test

Gold is a precious metal that does not fade or corrode by certain acids, but base metals may fade or corrode. Acid test kits are available online and come with a kit with vials and scales for density testing. Keep in mind that if the product is not pure 24 carat gold, the acid test may damage the product.

Floating test

For the float test, you only need a glass of water. Any real gold nuggets will sink to the bottom immediately, and the imitation will float. Second, the real gold does not rust when wet.

Ultrasound or X-ray

These are not viable test methods because they are expensive machines. This is also a method and is therefore included. Gold or silver can be inspected using sonic and X-ray techniques. If there are other metals or air bags, it will be found. In fact, large mints or banks only confirm the purity of the gold bars in this method.

Professional assessment

Jewelry stores are prepared to conduct these tests for free. You can do it easily.

There are some simple and old-fashioned tests that tell you the purity guarantees of these methods.

• First consider running the magnet to view the base metal. Silver and gold are not magnetic, so if the magnet is pulled, check the problem. Of course, this is not a sure-fire method.

• Second, a sound test that can be known by tapping a finger on a silver coin or a gold coin or tapping with another coin. Sterling silver and gold coins have a very high-pitched resonance, and the sound of electroplating or fake products is dull and immediately becomes silent.

· Finally, the bite test. Biting gold will give your body a impression of bite, pure gold is soft. But avoid this test because there is a risk of hurting the teeth. Also, if it is a rod, your teeth may not be able to reach due to the metal base of the center base.

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