1. MD. Shafayatul Haque MD. Shafayatul Haque

    Great video. "You have to believe the process" — 100% right.

  2. ruben esquivel ruben esquivel

    what is your opinion on using Electron for Desktop development? I was just about to learn swift but now I'm working if it's worth the time.

  3. Bob dabiuld Bob dabiuld

    I know all the languages Liam knows, and no more.

  4. Chazz Man Chazz Man

    Anyone who says programming is easy – they mean amateur projects nothing that pays good money. Unfortunately companies do not hire amateurs.

    It's never about syntax or loops or architecture or other sh*t – it is always about the capability of your brain to solve problems, the ability to load tons of data into your brain quickly and very quickly find problems or solutions needed.

    If you can't do it – one day you will be looking at someones written super high level, abstract not documented code that you have to fix quickly and you will be literally f*cked.

  5. un loved un loved

    some peoples brains just work different than others – some people are imbalanced and sleep 12-18 hours a day and are sleepy all the time when they are awake. They also get more unhealthy if they don't rest.

  6. un loved un loved

    I'm 28 and my life is a mess too

  7. Aliquo Aliquo

    I stumbled on this video today and now I've already watched 5 of your videos and subscribed. As a 30+ newbie programmer with a lot of uncertainties about the future and regrets about the past, I love how your videos give excellent advice for both programming and life in general. I feel instantly more motivated and am looking forward to watching many more of your videos (inbetween programming!). Thank you!

  8. grimlek grimlek

    with programming there are alot of miles to push yourself….

  9. Said'S_LogS Said'S_LogS

    Nice video, pal, keep going !! )

  10. Kritz Rocker Kritz Rocker

    man i haven't seen more motivational video than this..
    u r damn amazing..

  11. zomaHD zomaHD

    Best way to stop procrastinating is to set a 10 minute timer on your phone and work on the task. Work against the time with urgency. Once time is up, congrats you stopped procrastinating! Now repeat until that shit is done! I believe in you!

  12. Marcel Pirata Marcel Pirata

    Whoever asked this question… I thank you. This video was made for me!
    Thank you John for all the inspiration.

  13. Johan Albrectsen Johan Albrectsen

    Trust the process. That really is the best way to motivate yourself. Thanks

  14. Herp Derp Herp Derp

    Being a beginner programmer, I just wanted to say thank you. Even if i don't go through with programming, your words really did resonate with me. It's not even just for programming, but a lot of other things too that i want to do but just never really get to doing them, because the whole motivation thing. Trust the process.


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