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Property tycoons forum is online forum of the Vadesha Properties Tycoons Community. On this property tycoons forum, property investors can discuss investment topics with other investors along with discussions there are many property investment articles are available for download.

There are many sections of this property tycoons forum. The first section is getting started. If you are new to this forum then this section will help you to understand about all exciting features of property tycoons forum.

Step one is to join this community to discuss money making through property investment with other investors in a safe and friendly environment. The administrator of the property tycoons forum is Parmdeep Vadesha, he an accomplished property investor and businessman. He is author of the best selling “Success! Through Property course” and “The Property Marketing Millionaire Program”.

Once you are member of this property tycoons forum, then next thing do is to introduce yourself to rest of property tycoons. Second section of forum has Ready Made Deals and Motivated Seller Leads. This section has list of Ready Made Deals and motivated seller leads which is updated every single day. These ready deals are “pre-negotiated” deals, where all negotiation and hard work has been done for you. The motivated seller leads will provide you information about motivated sellers in your area and investors can negotiate deals with them.

Third section of this property tycoons forum is Property Tycoon discussion Forums. This section has various topics regarding general discussion about property investment, discussions on finding bargain properties, finance, lease options and many more.

Next section of the property tycoons forum is “member of the month”. Every month one member is selected as member of the month. Parmdeep Vadesha will take interview of this Member of the month on the phone. A recording of this interview will then made available to the rest of the Tycoons. £1,000 is donated to the charitable organization nominated by “member of the month” by Parmdeep Vadesha.

Other than these sections, the property tycoons forum also has section for News, forum feedback and queries, Events and Meetings, Motivation and Inspiration. News section of the property tycoons forum has daily property news around the world, which is updated every ten minutes. Forum feedback and queries is an interactive section where investors can ask their queries about any property investment topics.

In events and meeting section, members can arrange meeting with other members. Information about local and international events regarding Property investments are announced and discussed here.

Next section of the property tycoons forum has some topics recommended by Property Tycoon Community. Another section has information about property related products and services offered by members of community. This forum also has section with topics related to foreign properties.

Free download section of this property tycoons forum offers free download of many articles on property investment. Member of property tycoons community can download these articles without any charges. “What’s going on?” section of forum gives you information about currently active members, members currently using flash chat and the property tycoons community statistics.

Parmdeep Vadesha is a property investment expert and founder of the largest community of property entrepreneurs on the web who buy below market value properties from distressed homeowners facing repossession, divorce and bankruptcy. He writes a monthly newsletter for 70,000 property investors worldwide –

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