Pros and cons of becoming a security guard

There are many things that support and oppose becoming security personnel. Before you make a commitment, you need to understand and examine these strengths and weaknesses. This article explains some of the important advantages and disadvantages that can help you make the decision that's right for you.


1. It is easier to find a security job.

Since the 9/11 attacks, the security positions in the United States have increased significantly. If you have been to the airport since 2001, you can easily say that this is true – and not just at the airport where the number of guards has increased.

This is a good starting point for the employment of high-pay security services.

For example, after completing the additional training required to obtain a gun card, it opened up the opportunity to become an armed guard. In addition, you can work as a bodyguard or pit owner in a casino or sign a private sponsorship with a company that may pay you more. You may need to obtain an additional training certificate to get a high-paying position, but usually training is not difficult and can be done on weekends if needed.

3. You can protect the communities and/or companies you hire.

Most importantly, it can be a truly satisfying position because you can protect a piece of property and/or a group of people and let people come to you for help when needed. Many times when you are on duty, you will be asked for help, almost at the customer service location. At other times, you may need to help the police or the fire department in critical situations, and you may prevent thieves and rogues from causing serious damage.

If you take this into consideration, it makes sense to be a security guard. However, these are all advantages. This is also a bad aspect. Here are some shortcomings you should consider before entering this field.


It was initially a relatively low-paying position.

When you enter the protection services area of ​​an entry-level position, you are likely to find that your salary or salary will not be higher than the minimum wage in your area. This is very common, especially if you are a retail guard. Money is an important aspect of job choice, so if you need to pay a high salary immediately, this may not be for you.

2. Work may be relatively unsafe.

You may be placed in a life-threatening position, which is something you need to consider before entering the field.

You need to write a lot of reports. Writing a report is a must for all security personnel because it helps to record and track all suspicious events that occur during your duties. These reports can be used in court or help clarify any events that may occur, so you need to know how to write well.

The last reason to avoid becoming a security guard is that you may need to go a lot. This may be perfect for some people, but not for others. If you prefer desktop work, although there are some types of console work types [such as monitor monitors], these jobs are not easy to get, so you need to constantly move and monitor your area. Everyone should consider this very cautiously, mainly because it can lead to direct drowsiness, just feeling tired after a long hours of work. On the other hand, if you decide to become a security guard, you might like the sport and actually lose some weight, which may be good for you.

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