Pros and cons of online shopping

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More and more people go online to buy a variety of items, from air tickets to shoes to homes. It is very convenient to sit at home and buy almost anything you need. Here are some advantages and disadvantages:



Shopping in a physical store is less flexible, requires travel, and there may be problems with parking and fixed time. However, those who like to shop online can browse and buy things anytime, anywhere. The ability to avoid travel will certainly appeal to those who do not have their own transportation, those who have a home, or just when the weather is uncomfortable.

price comparison

When shopping in a traditional store, there is less competition and you have to simply accept the price of the item you want in the store. However, comparing prices online is really easy. There are many price comparison websites that can check the price of a long list of specific items from different suppliers. In addition, online stores can offer more rewards as duplicate customer returns, such as special offers or discounts when registering for monthly newsletters.

Wider selection

Online stores are not limited by the footprint of their inventory. They can choose to showcase the most impressive choices that can never be placed in the shelf space of a physical store. Also, when online, if the preferred item is not available, it is easy to get to the next store.

Read customer reviews

Most online stores have easy access to customer reviews for almost any product. This helps create smarter buying decisions. Comments provide a more detailed view of the product than the limited information provided by the manufacturer.


Can't try

A particular problem with buying clothes online is that you can't try it, see how it is made, or feel the material. If you don't buy a familiar dress, everything will go wrong and you will receive an unsuitable item. Even though most stores accept returns, it is still inconvenient to keep the return before getting the correct size and appearance.


Also, if you need help, it's hard to talk to the sales person right away. Although you can choose to send a message, you may not be able to answer it within 24 hours or longer.

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