Pros and cons of using public speaking aids

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In public speaking, when the speaker speaks in front of the audience, he not only presents his ideas in the form of language, but also uses many other audiovisual aids. In public, they can be exhibitions, flipcharts, whiteboards, videos, pictures, PPT, OHP, etc.

Why is it important to use public speaking aids?

They are like additional content for your words. With listening, in order to enhance the viewer's visual appeal to the audience, the speaker often uses presentation aids.

Let's imagine that you work hard in your speech [without any aids] and you think it's useless to use them in your presentations. But there are many reasons why you should not ignore the importance of these aids.

According to Dale Ludwig, “designed visuals not only provide information, but also bring order to the conversation.”

Powerpoint presentations are now widely used as their most important help. With this, people sometimes use flipcharts, slide projectors, movie projectors, whiteboards, and more.

Let us see why it is advantageous to use these aids in public speaking.

1. Let the audience pay more attention to you. Just sitting down and paying attention to someone's conversation can be exciting, but using visual aids can be of interest to most people present.

2. When you use AIDS, participants' participation and participation will increase as they will hear and see. This will provide a better learning experience for the audience.

3. It is easier for the audience to understand and remember the information you provide. Viewing text with related images is easier to understand than simple text. People remember more about what they saw than what they heard.

Using them correctly can also reduce the possibility of any errors. If used properly, visual aids can make the presentation more exciting, more dynamic, and more effective.

Now let's see how these auxiliary tools are unfavorable.

First, having visual aids requires a lot of presentation material and preparation. This can be very time consuming and you may end up spending more time instead of speaking.

When they are more concerned about AIDS, they may also distract the audience. In the end, the purpose of your presentation may not be realized.

3. Stay away from overly detailed visual aids. The ability of the audience to see and understand aid is more important than the delivery method.

All in all, we can say that the proper use of visual aids can provide a truly superior transition for your presentation. On the other hand, if you focus more on aids than on your presentation, they may cast a shadow over the recipient's eyes and grab the audience's full attention.

Therefore, choose your visual aids wisely and become the star of public speaking in front of the audience.

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