Pros And Cons Using WordPress And Blogger

Blogging is becoming very popular with today’s internet community. There are a number of different blogging platforms to use, and I discuss wordpress and blogger. If you take your blogging seriously and have even a modicum of dedication to learning new things, you will benefit most from WordPress. But to really understand why, it’s important to look at both blogging platforms side-by-side and see which one you really need. And Now if you’re a newbie blogger you can now sit and rethink which can be your ideal blogging platform.

Blogger Easy to use, easy to install, very configurable (html / css / javascript), you can use Google Analytics, users can follow the other bloggers who follow. Blogger (blogspot)Blogger was born (founded) at 1999 by Pyra Labs, a company which was co-founded by Twitter creator Evan Williams. Blogger: Blogspot doesn’t have a plugin database, but it has lesser in number but some important gadgets

Blogger has recently started Gadgets which will surely outdo the plugins feature of wordpress. Blogger is google search friendly, there is no need even to add to google search engine. Blogger is good for personal blogs and it has actually a very simple 3 step process to make a blog. BBlogger Disadvantages: limited power templatesCan’t featuresLack free good postsNeed categorize the vast knowledge of coding to create or supplement does not look professional featuresDomain annoying to leave comments. Blogger is too restrictive in terms of functionality, but it would be a good personal blog. Blogger is ideal for rust in the world of blogs, but if the goal is to have a great blog which began as a Blogger to WordPress.

WordPress has tons of features, easy for adding pages and building a full website rather than just a blog, richer community than blogger, features throughout site bring visibility and traffic to your blog, very good built-in statistics.

WordPress is a powerful CMS, blogger outperforms these terms. WordPress is a very powerful CMS, and Blogger is far from it.Wordpress is opensource and as such has a seemingly unlimited variety of themes, templates, plugins and widgets available from the WordPress community.

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