Protect yourself and your family from theft during remodeling

Consider the following tips to protect yourself and your family from theft during the renovation process:

Protect your valuables. If the retrofit is done in an area where valuables are stored [such as a bedroom], items such as jewelry boxes and cash are placed out of sight. Never leave a wallet, cash, wedding ring or anything of value, even if you are used to doing so. You may want a small safe and lock your belongings there for safekeeping and then store it in areas away from traffic or workers.

Protect your materials. Often, the retrofit site will be filled with expensive new materials such as bathtubs, fixtures and appliances that are the main targets of theft. Lock materials that are not used in garages or small warehouses every night to see if they are protected. In addition, you need to check your things every day to make sure everything is resolved.

Do not disconnect the burglar alarm when remodeling. If you have a security system, please avoid turning it off. Normally, the renovation site will generate a lot of dust and sawdust, and workers may advise you to turn it off. However, don't do this, but cover the sensor with a plastic bag or special top cover so they won't be triggered. Then, remove them when you go home.

Make sure no one is not coming to the construction site. It is easy for skilled thieves to enter or rebuild the building or rebuild the site. However, by installing motion sensors in your home or laying gates or chains on the driveway or retrofit site, take extra steps to keep them away.

Hire reputable workers. If you are transforming your home, make sure the contractor or worker is in good standing and in good standing. Because their reputation and future business are threatened, they often do their best to ensure that no illegal activities, especially theft, occur on the site.

Unannounced visits to the reconstruction site. If you are not living in your home when you are remodeled, you can consider notifying you from time to time to make sure there are no misplacements or missing and to check things.

Check your insurance. Before you start remodeling, make sure your homeowner or property insurance is up-to-date and includes anti-theft insurance.

Let the neighbors pay attention to things. If you didn't live in your home during the renovation, ask your neighbor to pay attention to it when you leave, especially at night. If they see an unfamiliar car or truck parked outside the home after the worker returns home, or if they find any suspicious activity, ask them to call the police.

Home renovations often make your family and your marriage easy to steal. Be sure to take appropriate precautions, such as the overview above, to keep your items safe when you remodel.

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