Provençal Summer Menu with Alexandra Stafford

Provençal Summer Menu with Alexandra Stafford
Quench your summer travel thirst with this Provençal feast. We’ll begin class preparing dessert: a stone fruit galette made with a flaky tart dough and frangipane (a creamy almond paste), both of which are made in the food processor and come together in minutes. As this rustic galette bakes, we’ll poach salmon in preparation for a niçoise salad with haricot vert, fingerling potatoes, sweet cherry tomatoes, and farm greens. Then we’ll caramelize onions for the pissaladière, which we’ll bake smeared with a paste of minced anchovies and capers. As we work, we’ll nourish ourselves with tapenade spread across homemade peasant bread. Spread out a picnic blanket, break out the rosé—Provence has never felt closer to home.  Limited to 12 people. About Alexandra Stafford Ali Stafford, author of the hit food blog “Alexandra’s Kitchen” (, grew up eating her mother’s peasant bread at nearly every meal — the recipe for which was a closely guarded family secret. When her website began to grow in popularity, readers began asking how to make the bread they had heard so much about. Alexandra’s mother acquiesced, and the recipe got shared, and has since inspired many who had deemed bread-baking an impossibility to give it a try, and their results have exceeded expectations.

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