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a new attitude

Social networking provides a good environment to raise awareness of your team, event or ministry. However, if you use social networks as an ad rather than a connection, you won’t be successful. In my experience, using ad style posts in urgent languages, such as "Register Now" or "Get your ticket now" or "We need your help", the effect is getting worse when I introduce people to large events. In the plan. Also, listing time, date and location is not enough. In other words, a shift in thought is necessary, away from replicas of communication styles, or announcements in church announcements, and more social, more personal, and more connected things. In other words, you have to form a new attitude on how to use social networks: turn them into personalization.

tell a story

So don't bombard your target audience with facts or a series of advertisements. They may just stop reading your post or, worse, disconnect from you on the social network you are using. Here's what you want to buy: make a story! Share personal information about your association with the event you are promoting. Tell how you are involved. what happened? Who was there at that time? How did you get the spiritual connection ' What did you learn after participating? The answers to these questions provide the basis for interesting and compelling copies, and in my experience, this is the backbone of a good social network. Very important: interesting! Many people repeat what others have already written and share links to articles and videos created by others. Your opinion is even more compelling.

Word of word of mouth

Do you know that word of mouth is considered essential in promotional products, movies and events? Word of mouth seems to be more effective than advertising; I know this is for me. I'm more likely to try a product based on a friend's recommendation, not an ad. Sometimes I feel that I have become numb, constantly claiming and compelling advertising techniques, but I still pay attention to what my friends say. With this in mind, express your opinion when using social networks. View your posts, blogs and status updates, just as people really want to know what you think about events, books or topics. Reveal the reasons you are interested in and let people generate their own interests based on your sharing. Express your opinions and ask your audience to express their opinions. No matter what you do, try to deprive your post of almost no language as a sales promotion.

How much is too much?

Too many ad style posts can make your readers lose interest. Even if you are writing in a non-profit organization's bookstore, I think that your daily announcement about new products is less for your store than for each time you post a product, expressing why they don't like the product.

Too frequent posts can numb the audience and you will lose "special". Due to this issue, I have not paid attention to the posts of technical commentators recently. I like reading technology and the latest trends, and I like to read the opinions of the upcoming young technology critics. However, when I subscribed and found myself finding myself from the same author twice and three times a day, the simple pleasure of accidentally reading the post was destroyed.

On the other hand, too frequent posts may lose the reader's interest. I helped a friend create a blog to help him improve his understanding of the new services he offers. It all started running and he wrote a new post every quarter. Undoubtedly, the number of people he visits and reads his blog is actually declining. We have already discussed the strategy he is trying to do: he spends an hour every Monday morning, no more and no less, his social network works. Whether it's posting a status update or writing a short paragraph about his service, he will do something. The result is that he has a constant presence and is making content that his audience is enjoying, and he does not feel that he is losing his creative time to work on social networks.

He discovered the secret of social networking: let it work for you by connecting with people who share the passion you have.

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