Public speaking: How public speakers influence the population through publicity

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As a public speaker, we have a huge influence on people's behavior, opinions and decisions. When our speech becomes a vehicle for propaganda, they become dangerous, but this is not always the case. Public speakers use propaganda to influence people's themes, from joining the war to quitting smoking to beautifying the country.

Originated from an old English term "communication", the purpose of propaganda is to embed ideas to influence attitudes toward a particular cause. Public speakers use a variety of techniques.

Here are some common ways to promote:

• Recourse to fear

This raises fears and builds support by instilling anxiety and panic among the general population.


This is a way to persuade people to do something by telling others that they are doing something.

• Witness

One of the most common forms of publicity in the field of public speaking, the recommendation book uses the words of a celebrity to convince you.

• Transfer

This technique uses celebrity names or pictures, but does not use direct references.

• Repeat

In this type, the product name is repeated at least four times.

• Emotional discourse

Public speakers often use words that evoke emotions, making you feel strong about someone or something.

Propaganda is often used in political contexts and wartime, when it was a particularly powerful weapon. The speaker creates a false image in his mind and uses it to dehumanize the enemy and create hatred. This is done by using offensive or racist terminology, avoiding certain words or by accusing the enemy of atrocities.

One of the most notorious abuses of publicity in public speech contributed to Hitler’s surge in power in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. British spokespersons used their own campaigns to portray the Germans as bloodthirsty, ferocious Huns, and gain public support for the war. In the United States, Rosie the Riveter begged women to accept men's work in the war.

Public speakers use propaganda to influence other people's situations.

• It has been used in many public health advice such as flu vaccine, smoking cessation and weight loss.

• Political speakers often encourage citizens to participate in censuses or elections.

• Advertisers hire spokespersons to advertise their products to convey their message.

Propaganda left an indelible mark on history. There is no doubt that it is also destined to affect future generations.

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