Public speaking – six strategies for successfully convincing the audience

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Convince the audience when speaking, whether it is to buy services or buy your ideas, is a common goal. It differs from informative presentations in several ways. All you want is to let your audience walk away and think, "Oh, this is very interesting." Egypt "I never knew." But when you want to win Your audience – influence their choices and let them believe in a fact that affects their opinions – it requires a different approach.

If you want to be more successful in a persuasive speech, be sure to consider the following six key strategies:

1. The audience is focused. People will only be convinced by what they have. Persuasion is based on the terms of the audience.

2. Clear goals. Almost all persuasion can be narrowed down to one of three goals, which I call DO, TRUE or VIEW: you may want to convince the viewer to do something like buy a new computer system. Or you can prove that something is – or not – really, for example, WonderWiz Duplicator can produce 500 copies per minute. Or you may want to treat the audience as your point of view, and the choice is desirable or superior to other options, such as vendor A is better than vendor B and C. Views are usually opinion issues.

3. Effective organization. The purpose of your conversation determines how you organize it. Although you always have introductions, bodies and conclusions, depending on your goals, the body will be organized differently.

In order to facilitate your audience to do something, your main body should answer four questions: [1] why [question], [2] what [features of the proposal], [3] how [the benefits of the proposal], and [4] Why not [propose and overcome any objections].

In order to prove to the audience that something is or is not true, your body can have up to three points: [1] personal observation or experience, [2] evidence, and [3] expert testimony.

In order for the viewer to believe that your point of view option is desirable or better than the other options, your body will have two or three points. [1] Establish standards or ideal criteria to define your proposal. [2] Measure your proposal against these criteria. If you want to convince your choice to be better than the other options, then [3] compare how your proposal measures other options.

4. Sound reasoning. Unless your reasoning is reasonable and the audience can accept reasoning, you can't be convinced. You must [1] express a true commitment [that is, "a coffee drinker gets better results" is not a true promise]; [2] can support evidence, and [3] show logical relevance.

5. Motivation appeal. The truth of the matter is that our decisions are less than our inner or inner decisions. For example, why are there so many different brands and models of cars on the road? Because people's choices are motivated by different demands – perhaps luxury or safety or fuel efficiency. These are all motivating performances – those emotional factors that motivate us to make decisions. To be convincing, you need to know which emotional factors are most likely to motivate your audience and then attract those feelings.

6. Visualization. In order to receive this transaction, please present a picture to the audience and tell them what happens if they don't accept your suggestion. Help them see a beneficial exit to make your suggestion, or if they don't, see a negative exit.

7. Action steps. What do you want your audience to do? ask them. Challenge them to do this. Call them behaviors or change their minds. And let them do it as easily as possible.

The last point about persuasion should be remembered. If you try to convince the audience to stand on the opposite side, you are unlikely to be convincing. Few people will be persuaded against their deep-rooted views or values. So don't be prepared for impossible tasks. If you have a chance to succeed, your audience must be honest.

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