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Step 1: Know your content.

This is like the old saying, "Failed to prepare and prepare to fail." Simply put, you can't beat your things. Useful to me is to use a cue card. When you're giving a presentation or a presentation, you're likely to use PowerPoint, so this is a great way to remind you what to say, but there are small cards on hand or on the desk/table. Carefully selected prompts will trigger your memory and give you a good idea of ​​where you are in the presentation and what to do next. Nothing is worse than talking to one person. They are groping for a few seconds to figure out what their next point of view is. I believe that what is more important to you and you is the audience, it feels like an eternal second. Another way to avoid these painful silences is to really master what you are saying, research it and know exactly what you are talking about. I found it very beneficial to do this in a few nights. I actually researched these materials in my PowerPoint presentation, and I really understood and selected the various keywords or sentences I wrote on the cue card. This way your speech is more likely to be fluid and there is not much rest time.

Step 2: Confidence.

In my opinion, this is the most important factor in public speaking. I know that many people will be nervous in front of a group of people, so it seems that they will not have confidence in the audience, but according to my experience, how do you meet yourself, even the way you value certain words more than others That is to say, in my opinion, 70% of people become an excellent public speaker. That's right, you can't implement step 2 without first taking the first step, but once you do that, confidence will turn the ordinary speaker into a really great speaker. I know people will say, but if you are not sure what you have done? Believe me, confidence is not something you gave when you were born. It is a skill that can be exploited and developed. Even better, according to my own experience, confidence can be forged. What really works for me is watching a video of a good public speaker, Barack Obama, and even Harvey Spector! Every little detail is in a confident way and how the audience perceives it. The positions of these people, the way they look at the audience, soaked them all. A good start is half the battle. If you've determined your opening remarks, you'll not only give yourself a little boost, but your audience is more likely to interact with you and your content.

In addition, if you provide a good opening sequence for the presentation, the audience already thinks you are an accomplished public speaker, and then you feel like one. There are some tricks to forging confidence. Look at your audience, if you bow your head and don't admit them, they won't appreciate it. Some people find it difficult, so I recommend picking a point behind the room, sometimes drawing a photo on the wall and focusing on that. This way you won't be intimidated by the person looking up at you, it looks like you are looking at them. If you know what you are, then I suggest focusing on certain words and even extending some words to really understand the importance of this to the audience. In this way, you seem to know what you are talking about and you seem confident in participating in this information. I will also put in some hand movements [but don't overuse them], which will increase the level of contact with the people in front of you.

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