1. Marcin Gil Marcin Gil


  2. Alexa Bing Alexa Bing

    @Corey Schafer
    Hi, Corey. I want to thank you for these videos. I just start learning in Python which is going to be the first language I will learn and your videos are helping me a ton.
    Actually, at work, I am in the need to erase temporary files from a specific folder and I am sure it would be better to automate these task.
    Could you make a video that explains how to delete files from a specific folder which are older than x days? Thanks.

  3. David Harvey David Harvey

    These look suspiciously like homework. If they started with a before and after, they would fit perfectly into your courses

  4. Yunes Abb Elita Yunes Abb Elita

    Nice and clear straight to what is important. Gjob!

  5. Max Yupanqui conza Max Yupanqui conza

    Sorry when I try to execute the "format", it gives me the "valueerror: zero length field name in format"

  6. Julie Wint Julie Wint

    That was so clear and straight to the point. You got yourself a subscriber!

  7. Stavros Michalovits Stavros Michalovits

    Where can I find this wallpaper?

  8. Ashok Gujjuri Ashok Gujjuri

    Brilliant job

  9. Omar AM Omar AM

    Corey, this is great nugget, please keep posting similar videos, it is great tool and it help me automate few tasks that otherwise would have taken me a lot of time as you intended.


  10. eliaking eliaking

    I feel like a real IT guy right at this moment.

  11. Anthony Anonde Anthony Anonde

    i just want to know how he was able to write in three line at the same time?

  12. Fernando Goya Fernando Goya

    Man, your channel is REALLY GOOD!!!! You teach us really cool things. Please, keep going!

  13. Tad Peters Tad Peters

    '''well, no one else did it, so I did. here is a short little pyscript to create the files in this tutorial. Part pilfered from stackoverflow by ephemient'''

    import os

    #change path as described by Corey, or leave as is and move folder

    listoffiles =[
    'Earth – Our Solar System – #4.mp4',
    'Jupiter – Our Solar System – #6.mp4',
    'Mars – Our Solar System – #5.mp4',
    'Mercury – Our Solar System – #2.mp4',
    'Neptune – Our Solar System – #8.mp4',
    'Pluto – Our Solar System – #10.mp4',
    'Saturn – Our Solar System – #7.mp4',
    'The Sun – Our Solar System – #1.mp4',
    'Uranus – Our Solar System – #9.mp4',
    'Venus – Our Solar System – #3.mp4']

    for fname in listoffiles:
    with open(fname, 'a'):

    print ('Complete')

  14. chandra mohan ganapathy subramanian chandra mohan ganapathy subramanian

    Can anyone please clarify – i could n't understand the last step. The file was renamed from f to new_name. when the program was run , how come the file got sorted in order which is 1 to 10. It would be great if someone clarifies.

  15. joseph batish joseph batish

    Thank u this is so useful


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