Ray Kurzweil | Will Technology End the Nation State? | Singularity Hub



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    • avatar Majikat 1

      Even if it can, we don't want it to. We like our nation states and we like preserving the various cultures around the world. It makes the world interesting. This bs of all becoming one hive mind is utter rubbish. Long live the nation state.

      • avatar Morph Verse 0

        That's gonna be messy..

        • avatar A BC 1

          I just love the way this guy thinks.

          • avatar 44thats44oars 1

            God, get that emoji out of here

            • avatar Nathan George 1

              what's the song at the beginning?

              • avatar Venturist Church 1

                I guess Israel can open its borders now.

                • avatar Adeel Khan 1

                  One world!

                  • avatar daicon 1

                    Not on my watch, globalist scum