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After decades of involvement, financial planning and more than a decade as a New York State real estate license salesperson, on a regular basis, I think it is necessary to carefully study current trends, future possibilities [and possible impact factors, and How, cautiously, capable, providing the best ideas, etc. Let us start with a clear statement, without something like a crystal ball, about real estate, and any financial issues. However, at the same time, with a historical perspective, It is important to understand how certain issues, etc. may affect the market, etc. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, study, consider and discuss some of the factors that may affect the real estate market.

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Factors affecting interest rates: from

 When interest rates rise, mortgage rates follow. The higher the ratio, the higher the cost of paying for the house each month. Keep in mind that most homeowners use mortgages to buy their homes. For this reason, a small increase may increase, monthly fees, and some individuals may not qualify for the loan. In addition, many people consider their monthly budget and personal comfort zone, so any significant increase may reduce the number of qualified potential buyers. This overall impact may be, changed Seller market , for buyers or neutral markets. This usually leads to price adjustments, wise consumers will do, what they can do, be careful, and be prepared. In terms of interest rates, what will be witnessed in 2019? No one knows for sure, but the best guess is that there will be a small increase on the initial basis, unless there are some important factors.

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Confidence: from

 Housing often benefits when people are more confident about the future. We often see this in stock market volatility, but it also happens in the real estate market. Due to the low employment rate, we have witnessed a good market in the past few years. However, how does this local government close, consider and remain strong in the future? We must carefully study the possible factors involved, including: political uncertainty; world danger; economic rise/down. Most of the factors seem to indicate positive and negative factors, so proceed wisely.

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competition: from

 Until the fourth quarter of 2018, a few years ago, witnessed the seller's market, many of which sold quickly and were higher than the listing price. The fourth quarter showed some slight cooling and was more normal. However, we also saw a slight increase in the number of listed homes, so the inventory increased slightly.

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price: from

 Although uncertain, most of the factors point to more stable pricing, rather than the rapid growth we have witnessed in the past few years. Most experts require a slight increase each year, but be aware that many factors may work.

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inflation: from

 If our inflation rate is higher, house prices will rise. Most people only ask for moderate inflation.

Don't ignore other factors, such as uncertain political issues, world crises, climate, etc., because they affect housing and markets. Be careful, prepare, continue, open your eyes with your eyes.

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