Recommended marketing and internet marketing – What is the difference?

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You will receive a commission for every sale you make in online marketing. For each sale that one of the salespeople makes on your network, you also need to pay a commission. If you are recruited by someone else, each of your sales will be a commission. These commissions are sometimes referred to as "residuals." This is why online marketing is often referred to as "remaining marketing." Everyone has their own network, overlapping with other people's networks, depending on the amount of work you want to build your network, and the success of the people you recruit around you, the potential for income is almost endless.

Multi-level marketing [MLM] is another term used to refer to this unique form of marketing through the web and to harness the power of the Internet by using things like social networks. The only difference is that each network in the MLM is called a "level." The concepts are the same and the marketing methods are the same. So if MLM, online marketing and residual marketing are the same thing, what is recommended marketing?

Referral marketing is based on the same basic concepts as online marketing – using individuals and their personal relationships or contacts to sell goods and services. Recommended marketing – the Germans call Empfehlungsmarketing – however, this is a form of "word of mouth" marketing. It can work in several different ways. In the simplest form, a business can pay cash for another customer's recommendation. For example, you may have a gym membership every month, and your gym will provide money or discounts for each new registration that mentions your name. It can also be in the form of a coupon. For each oil change you refer to, your car mechanic may offer a $10 coupon for your next oil change.

Recommendations are powerful because of the trust associated with them. If your friend believes in your judgment and you recommend him to a product, service or business, they are more likely to act on your recommendation. This is why small businesses really benefit from referral marketing. This type of marketing is also very cost effective compared to traditional methods such as billboards, print or broadcast advertising. This can be as simple as paying people a small fee to talk about your business online, or online through their social network. People will respond more quickly to their friends' suggestions and will respond more enthusiastically to Facebook's cold or unsolicited ads, emails or wall posts.

Moreover, because referrals come from friends and acquaintances, the resulting business relationship is stronger and it is possible to achieve greater economic returns and long-term success. It's a well-functioning, easy-to-implement, and cost-effective system for small businesses, making it an excellent marketing option.

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