Recovery for Addicts through Addiction Social Networking

No, do not be misled by the title. I do not mean that an addict is sure to recover once he/she joins an addiction social networking website. I rather tend to discuss a few points to come to a conclusion as to how effective these social networking sites are in helping an addict recover. To find the effectiveness of such websites or forums, we need to figure put the positive as well as the negative sides so that reaching the conclusion is methodical and justified.

How addiction social networking helps in addiction recovery
When you register with a social networking website for the addicts and go through the discussion threads, you will find lots and lots of problems, solutions and opinions shared by the already existing members. While going through the problems that the addicts discuss over there, you will find it very easy to relate yourself to the situations discussed. You can try the suggested solutions. Since discussions are detailed, may learn about the withdrawal problems you may suffer from. Since you are aware of the withdrawal symptoms, you will feel less worried and less troubled during your process of quitting addiction.

How addiction social networking drives you to addiction
Let’s see the other side of the coin. Though these social networking websites or forums are meant for those addicts who are trying to get rid of the habit, a lion’s share of the members are addicts who are not at all serious about addiction recovery. They comments they make, the suggestions they offer or the experiences they share are usually so thrilling that they, either directly or indirectly, tickle the urge to stick to drugs. They narrate the stories with such heroic tone that it seems as if there is nothing better than taking drugs and feeling high.
The problem is that since you have also been an addict for a long time, you can very easily relate yourself to the stories mentioned. Thus, your will for addiction recovery is weakened. And, to be frank, no medication, therapy or counseling can help you recover form addiction problems if you do not have the earnest will to recover. Now perhaps you understand why addiction social networking websites or forums cannot ensure recovery from the habit of taking drugs.

How to recover with the help of addiction social networking
Guns do not kill; we kill. It’s all in the mind. You have to be strong enough to remain determined that you will not get addicted again. Think that you have already had enough. Those talking highly of addiction are saying stuff like that since they are new to it and are extremely thrilled about it. On the other hand, you have already experienced all they are talking about.
The best option for you is to go for those addicts’ social networking websites or forums that offer medical and therapy-oriented solutions. These types of forums are generally serious and suggest genuine solutions. If you have any query, commence a thread and you’ll get your answers. You may also share your emotional crisis that you experience during your process of quitting addiction. Rest assured, you will find really helpful responses.

Nicholas Grimaldi is a professional counselor who tries to find how effective the addiction social networking websites and forums are. He also suggests the best ways to find forums and social networking sites that will genuinely help you in addiction recovery.

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