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Like its name, Miracle Technology's Perfect Optimizer seems to be perfect, optimizing your Windows with its rigorous interface and a wide range of add-on tools. But does all of these aspects turn Perfect Optimizer into an excellent Windows optimizer and maintenance software promised by Miracle technology? Read on to find out the true quality of the Perfect Optimizer you will never find in other reviews.

On the technical side, the Perfect Optimizer is very easy to download and install. It is only 4.2 megabytes in size. But be sure to prepare approximately 150 megabytes of hard disk space, as it will unzip the installation file and add an initial backup file of this size. Further into the program, you will see that Miracle Technology wants to make you believe that Perfect Optimizer is built as a Windows optimizer and maintenance software. You can see in the main menu that it reflects the PC Health status like a speedometer. The four color signs on your Windows'speedometer reflect health: red is the lowest state of health, orange, yellow, and finally the healthiest green. However, if you think this component will notify you of the actual Windows Health, you are wrong. It's four different static icons that will automatically switch in a recognizable mode: as soon as you have just installed the software, it turns red and then turns green when you connect its optimizations. I have tested this mode by first installing the Perfect Optimizer, running its optimization module, uninstalling the software, restarting Windows, and finally installing it again. I have a red flag warning, although I have used the software for system optimization.

If we compare it to a registry cleaner [such as Registry Fix, RegCure or Registry Easy], the Perfect Optimizer is very cumbersome in terms of feature richness. In addition to providing you with registry cleanup, it also provides you with junk file removal programs, file shredding programs, memory optimizers, Windows settings tweakers, file uninstallers and Windows bug fixes. You can omit the last two features because the first feature is already available in Windows and the second feature is actually related to the registry cleanup feature. At first, this looks very useful. However, if we compare the Perfect Optimizer to a more serious competitor who sells in the same price range, you will get unbalanced results. Just check the Advanced System Optimizer [ASO] for less than $5 and load more tools like Disk Space Explorer, File Encryptor, Zip File Repairer, Auto Wall Changer, and even Antivirus and Anti-spyware. Iolo System Mechanics 8.5 Basic Edition is even cheaper than ASO. The most important thing is that it has a Drive Medic module to help you start your computer, in case it can't start and recover from it, this is the important maintenance left by Perfect Optimizer. Features.

In the optimization and maintenance tests, I found a sock result when comparing the results of Perfect Optimizer with some of the best optimization software on the market: TuneUp Utilities 2009, Iolo System Mechanics and Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6. Perfect Optimizer found amazing The 5344 error found which of the most registry software I found was the most undisputed and most positive result. But before I continued to clean up these errors, I scanned my computer with other optimization software, so I kept the state of the computer unchanged. Surprisingly, all of these are always notified of very similar errors and found to be much lower than the Perfect Optimizer record: 150 errors.

Now we have seen the performance of the Perfect Optimizer. But with excellent results, can it really find more errors than reputable software? Before you jump up and down on this result, it's best to put the numbers in the question. Based on the real-time display of the other three products after the optimization process, it improves Windows performance better than Perfect Optimizer, especially TuneUp Utilities 2009. No wonder because TuneUp not only cleans up your registry and junk files, but it also automates Set your best Windows settings, defragment your hard drive, optimize your RAM in real time, and defragment your registry. In fact, in addition to the registry-related factors, there are many more factors that prevent your system from running at peak performance.

The advantages of TuneUp Utilities 2009 are also reflected in its practical and dynamic optimization analysis. This means that different PC systems at different times will get different recommendations, and eventually it will have optimal conditions. Further analysis, although the Perfect Optimizer also provides the Windows boot optimizer, it is exactly the same as your Windows' already provided. System Configuration Utility In TuneUp Utilities 2009, the software will find any unnecessary startup entries and provide you with more information and advice. So it behaves like an optimization software: it helps you with a one-click optimization process without having to dig into the technicality.

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