Relationship: Can the relationship bring someone's attachment trauma?

When someone builds a relationship, they may believe that they have finally met their game. What they have experienced in the past, when it comes to the field of their lives, they will end well.

Once, they seemed to be on the stormy sea, and now they will be on the calm sea. Then there will be more bumps – the path in front of them will be completely flat.

Unexpected result

However, while this may be the way people are currently seeing this area of ​​their lives, it does not mean that their outside world will match what is happening in their minds over time. What they can find is that their partners will eventually leave or become too strong over time.

If the former happens, people may end up feeling rejected and abandoned, and what follows is a feeling of worthlessness. However, if the latter happens, they will eventually feel suffocated and get into trouble, which may cause them to feel powerless.


If this is going to happen, the first thing people can do is blame their partner. Instead of returning and reflecting on what is happening, external things will be considered problems.

As a result, their partners may end up reacting negatively to their comments, causing more discord. Another thing that can happen is that this relationship can simply end.

a similar scene

At the same time, although one of the above events may be what happened, it may be slightly different. So if their partner actually leaves, they will feel rejected and give up, they may feel this, for example, if their partner has a lot of work at work and can't spend too much time as usual . .

Moreover, although they may be in trouble because their partners are too strong and suffocated, they will feel this as long as they express their needs. No matter what happens, it can cause quite a lot of internal discomfort.

Early stage

If a person is fine before building a relationship with this person, they may want to know what happened. But while they may have been good until this point, it is probably not this black and white.

They may only see this person for a few weeks, and there have been many intense experiences during this time. Maybe for a while they didn't hear them for a while, which caused them to feel fear as if they were rejected.


It may be that they are only responding to their feelings and do their best to let the other party respond. Or, they may have depressed their feelings and tried to take normal action.

They need to make a good impression at this time and may prevent them from criticizing each other. According to their feelings, the last thing they want is to let them not talk to them at all.

a vision

One way to look at the early and/or happening things in their relationship is to say that a person is just overactive. Therefore, the best thing they have to do is to make sure they don't fall into their "irrational" feelings.

People may eventually believe that they need to pay attention to what is happening in their minds because their thoughts create their feelings. Then there is the most important thing.

understand deeper

Another way to look at this situation is to say that all of these feelings occur because they have been emotionally attached to another person, which allows their early wounds to be lifted to the surface. Consciously, people may not see another person as their caregiver, but unconsciously, this may be the way they see them.

At a deeper level, some of them will show their partners what their caregivers have not given them. When this happens, their feelings in their early years will return to the surface. When their partners don't act in some way, they will not only feel their feelings in their early years, even if this part of the person thinks something has happened.

Deep pain

Then, there is no need to provide clear evidence that their early wounds are opened. To make this even more complicated, although this part of the people wants to accept things that were not received many years ago, it will be safe to experience the same experience again and again.

When their wounds are opened, they end up feeling like a poor and dependent child. Perhaps their early years were a period in their lives, and their needs were few. If they encountered it, it meant that they would spend a lot of time feeling rejected and abandoned.


These years have passed the stage of their lives, but the trauma they experience will still be in their hearts. If a person can be related to this and wants to change their lives, they may need to seek external support.

This can be provided with the help of a therapist or therapist.

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