Relationship: Does a person's splitting part cause them to have something to do?

There are many things that can lead to the end of the relationship, some of which are more easily exposed in the public eye than others. For example, it is not uncommon to hear someone who has an abusive partner and how this ends their relationship.


  In addition to being in abusive relationships, some people have relationships with people who are constantly deceiving them. Now, although this is something that some people have experienced, it is now an unwelcome person who is experiencing these things.


If a person has a relationship with an abusive person, they are likely to know it [it is not normal to be treated in this way, and therefore is not prominent]. However, if a person has a relationship with someone who has an affair or who often cheats, they may not realize it.

Then people can believe that they are in a smooth relationship, only have a partner who shares their body with others. Their lack of understanding of what is going on will cause them considerable pain, at least in the short term.

Time problem

But sooner or later, they must know something about what is going on. They may see something that clearly indicates that their partner is smashing, or they can only feel that something is wrong.

What they do at this time may depend on many different factors. If a person is a fairly strong and confident person, they may end up talking directly to their partner about their ideas.

Another method

Or, they may be so trapped in an idealized version of their companion that they can't fully accept what is happening in front of them. It will be painful to endure what is happening, but it will be more painful for them to accept what actually happened.

Maybe people don't feel strong inside, which makes them think of their partner as the center of the world. Then their eggs will be placed in a basket, so to speak, let them emotionally depend on their partner.

Complex dynamics

This explains why some people just endure their partners cheating without doing anything. In this case, they won't even try to solve what is happening; simply endure their behavior.

Of course, on the other hand, this is a major question about why someone will continue to get lost. There are many reasons why someone might exist in this way.

One reason

There are hundreds of lists that explain why different things happen. If you put these common reasons for aside, it will create a space that will make people aware of another reason that is often overlooked.

What needs to be mentioned here is that although humans look like a person from the outside, this does not mean that they are a person inside. Internally, they can have many different selfs and have different self-takeovers at different times in their lives.

Observe carefully

So let us say that when one's relationship goes well, self will appear, and when one's relationship goes well, another self will appear. The first part can achieve self-control, while the other part may not have self-control.

When the second part appears, their impulses may eventually be taken over, making them more or less unable to resist what is happening. However, if this part has already taken over, they may not want to resist.

Inner disharmony

Once this part no longer controls them and can think clearly, they may end up being overwhelmed by guilt. It seems that they are owned by something and vowed never to.

However, days or weeks may pass and they may end up doing the same thing again. Then it's obvious that trying to fight this part doesn't work; you'll need another method.

Split self

In addition to the different ego within them, some of them are clearly aware of this part. For example, taking over and causing them to lose control of themselves may be the result of early childhood trauma.

People may have experienced an experience that makes them difficult to understand and how their feelings are being pushed out of their consciousness. Then their experience will be separated so that they can handle the pain they have experienced.

Lack of integration

But even if these parts were split a few years ago, it is still affecting their lives. Sometimes this split part is like a piece of paper blowing in the wind, close to them, and sometimes it will be on their faces to prevent them from seeing clearly.

This part and all the other parts have always existed in it. For them, acting like a conscious person will be a challenge. It is normal for them to act in a destructive manner to themselves and others.


If someone can refer to this and they want to be a more integrated person, they may need to seek external support. For example, this can be provided with the help of a therapist or therapist.

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