Relationship facts and tips in the film "Star birth"

For the director and producer, I said "do it well!"

  The film evokes a lot of emotions; I sacrificed my eyes, and fortunately, it is healing me. I really like this story and it is related to it. I feel that "Every emotion" is deeply integrated into my soul. Afterwards, my whole person was shaken. On the way home, I listened to all the soundtracks.

  I collected some facts and tips from the movie that I want to share:

  • True love, true love, true love still exists, thank God. Their love story has undergone tests of addiction, pain and external influence, which is very rare now.

  • Who are you listening to? When Ally's manager told Jackson that he had ruined her career by marrying him, I was very angry. He did not encourage him after he recovered, but in a matter of seconds he destroyed the opportunity he must love life again and fully enjoy life. I was also very angry. Jackson listened to him instead of talking to Ally.

  • Communication in relationships is crucial! When you involve a third party, you only have problems, misunderstandings and pains. You should talk directly to each other and fully express your feelings to avoid unnecessary suffering. No matter how painful, heart dialogue is the best solution.

  • You are the only one who can save yourself! Unfortunately, no one can heal or decide to stop taking any substance/substance for you, you are addicted to it. No one, except you have this power. If you are not strong enough, or do not have your own willpower, then the best way is to seek professional help. No matter how much you love someone, you can't do a good job for them.

  • ABY! Be yourself forever: It is important to be able to be your own love, stupid, fun, crazy, and relax yourself. If you can't do this, maybe you don't have someone right for you. However, you can define it yourself; you are the only one who can do it. I like the chemistry and connections of Ally and Jackson in the film. They didn't hide everything they contained, and the authenticity was wonderful for me.

I like movies, and I like movies that can inspire me, empower me, motivate me, help me move forward, laugh, spend the day and learn the lessons I can practice in my own life.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I suggest you do this, maybe you can share it with me in your comments, your own story.

PS: These songs are great.


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