Relationship: If someone knows if they are ready to build a relationship?

Similarly, there are many reasons why someone wants to eat, and there are many reasons why someone wants to build a relationship. If someone wants to eat, it may just indicate that they are hungry.




Then, it can also indicate that this is the day they usually eat or when they feel depressed. In these cases, they are not required to eat anything.

Many uses

Therefore, it is wrong to say that food has only one purpose. This is something that is widely understood in today's society; many companies sell food designed to make people feel better.

Their purpose at the time was not to give people what they needed; their goal was to improve people's mental and emotional well-being. Chocolate is one of the things that people often want to change their feelings.

Other examples

When someone wants to build a relationship, it may indicate that they feel they need to connect with another person. At the same time, it may indicate that they are trying to avoid their feelings.

Therefore, their main priority is not to contact another person. In fact, it can be said accurately that connecting to another person is the last thing in their minds.

In a bad place

If a person can take a step back and reflect on what is happening, they may find that they feel bad. At the same time, they may often feel lonely, as if they have no connection.

These different parts will be their motivation to find another person. They may not be too picky because they usually feel low in their daily lives.

Perfect game

In a way, they will send out messages they need to save, which may lead them to attract people who are capable and fully possess it. This person may eventually try to save them; do everything they can to make them feel better.

The people they are most likely will not always look for people associated with them; they are always looking for someone to repair. They may also feel frustrated before meeting them.

Different needs

On the contrary, some people may feel powerless, doubt their value, and let them want to find someone to save people. So, unlike the example above, they will be people who want to fix another person.

Being with others is not a way for them to experience intimate relationships; it will be a way for them to experience a sense of value and power. In this example and the above example, it is impossible for someone to fully appear and reveal their true self.

Built on the beach

Just like a house that is not built on a solid foundation, such a relationship may not stand the test of time. If someone is with another person because of depression and loneliness, they will soon lose interest once they feel better.

They will no longer be the same person, causing them to have different needs. On the other hand, if someone is only with another person because they need to be saved, then if the person wants to gather them, they may lose interest.

Social pillar

Another thing that can happen when someone feels uncomfortable with their skin is that they end up being attracted to someone who looks good. Let this person become a way of accepting the love of others [strangers] they lack in their lives.

This person is no different from a gorgeous car or a piece of clothing; they will be there to make them look good. In the end, others think far more importantly than they think about themselves, which is a natural consequence of their disconnection from their intrinsic value.


One way to look at each of these examples is to happen when someone is not ready to establish a relationship with another person. First of all, they have no healthy relationship with themselves.

They are using another person to change their feelings, which is likely to prevent them from being interested in actually building relationships. A false self may attempt to establish a relationship with another false self, which may result in one person playing the role of the child and the other playing the role of the parent.

how do you know?

With all of these factors in mind, it can be said that something needs to be done before a person is ready to build a relationship. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, feeling complete and complete will be crucial, meaning they don't need another person to finish them or feel good about themselves.

Having a fulfilling life can also help because it prevents them from making another person happy. When they experience life in this way, they may not even need to be in a relationship, which may indicate that they are ready.


Their attachment to finding someone will be greatly reduced, making it easier for them to find someone who is right for them. Their lives will be fulfilled, so they don't need to compromise and let anyone enter their lives.

For example, if someone finds that they feel bad or feel guilty about themselves and they want to change their lives, they may need to seek external support. This can be done with the help of a therapist or therapist.

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