Relationship: Is the purpose of the relationship to trigger an old injury?

When someone just starts dating someone, they will find that they feel very good. Then they will still be on the same planet they were on before they met this person, but it might be like they were taken somewhere else.

This area of ​​their lives will be good, and every area of ​​their lives may ultimately benefit. Their good feelings associated with this person will eventually be directed to other aspects of their lives.

a focus

However, while letting this person have a positive impact on their happiness in their lives, they may find it difficult to focus on other aspects of their lives. Just like a child who is waiting for their new bike at home, their attention is usually on this person.

Therefore, when they are at work, they may not be able to perform in the usual way. Then they may exclude this person when needed.

In the cloud nine

They will start as separate creatures, they will still be, but it may be as if they have merged into one existence. The experience of their two men as a baby and mother may have returned, and they return to the state of symbiotic children.

Because of their connection with each other, all their troubles and worries may have gradually disappeared. There is no doubt that the chemicals released by the brain play an important role in all of this.

Travel continues

Then weeks and months can continue and everything can continue to move in the same direction. Because they feel good when they are together and when they are apart, it looks like they are on vacation and will never end.

This is not to say that strange problems will not occur, but if it does, it may not have much impact on their relationship. However, just as a real holiday will end at some point, it is possible that something will happen to bring these people back to Earth sooner or later.

Where did it come from?

What one can do or say, another person may eventually lose it completely. After that, people can stay centered and try to find out what is going on, or they can act in the same way and add more fuel to the fire.


Or, you can find that their partner has an affair, or they have established a relationship with others. After discovering this, they may end up emotionally.

Two experiences

If something small happens, such as when their partner loses it, they may find that everything is fine after a while. There will be a small fire that won't take a long time to get it out.

However, if something big happens, such as when their partner has an affair, it may not be that simple. A huge fire will appear and it may not even appear.


No matter what happens, people may find that certain feelings will be generated in it. If their partner loses it, the feelings may not be as strong as those who lose their feelings.

However, emotional pain will surface, and they may have difficulty understanding why this happens. Unless they don't even understand their feelings, they just react to what is happening.


If someone thinks they have found "the person" and the field in which they live is always going well, then accepting what is happening is naturally a challenge. However, what happens is not a major issue; the main issue is their expectations.

Their reactions to what is happening are likely to be very different if they think they are gathering with people who will trigger their wounds and let them heal and grow into a person. This will make them see that although it seems like another person has made them feel some way, there is usually more.


Disjointed with what is happening inside of them, and focusing on what happens "where" will distract them from the actual situation. Then, they will fall into the things that their partner has done or have not done, and lost their way in the drama, which is normal.

In the end, what is happening is to bring the parts they need to heal to the surface. Therefore, if a person falls into an external situation and ignores what is happening inside, they will fall into the illusion [Maya].

Some examples

If their partner has a tendency to lose it and they end up walking on the eggshell, it may indicate that they must do the same thing around one of their caregivers. Then, this person will cause fear, accompanied by anger and rejection, and other things that have existed for many years.

Conversely, if their partner has an affair and strikes them laterally, it may indicate that they experienced a lot of negligence in their early years. The anger, rejection, abandonment and worthlessness that they may now feel may return to their feelings as a dependent child.


Getting caught up in what is happening [story] can make you feel like a victim and suffer unnecessary suffering. Rather than being able to see another person being brought into their lives to help their evolution [they may not know this consciously], they will blame them.

If a person can be related to this and they are ready to heal their wounds, they may need to seek external support. This can be provided with the help of a therapist or therapist.

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