Relationship: Lack of emotional intelligence leads to cheating?

There are many things that can have a negative impact on a relationship. Although some of these things may be the result of what is happening internally, there may be other things that are not happening.

Speaking of the former, it may be due to internal conflicts, tensions between two people. On the other hand, when it comes to the latter, things happening outside can be tense.

a new opportunity

For example, one of them has been offered a promotion – the downside is that they need to be relocated. Then one of them will be happy that their chances are coming; what makes them unhappy is that they will have to move to other places.

Still, after some consideration, they may be willing to move to other places in order to continue their careers. However, partners may not be involved and have no interest in moving anywhere.

a major decision

So far, the relationship between them may have been sailing and growing. Now, because of positive things happening in one of their lives, this will be a different story.

If one of them ignores himself and is consistent with what another person wants, it can cause a lot of dissatisfaction. Then, it seems that the problem has been solved, but it will be pushed down, which may mean that this relationship will gradually collapse over time.

Another result

Once again, if one of them is willing to accept what their partner wants and deal with their internal conflicts, their relationship can continue to move in the right direction. If you want to do this, it is likely that this person has a good relationship with their emotions.

Therefore, they will not depress their feelings and behaviors, and will not feel as they do, they will accept this part of their existence. This can be painful in the short term, but in the long run it will serve them well.

Part of life

A curve ball will be thrown out of their relationship, but they will be able to handle it gracefully. Their contact will be tested, but not because one of them has done something wrong.

However, if one of them cheats, it means that one of them has caused the problem. Then, it is not a challenge in front of their relationship; it is one of them.


At the same time, their partner may not know what happened. In fact, people will be able to keep what they are doing; thus, allowing the relationship to continue.

Maybe their partner feels that something is wrong, they just can't completely blame it. Since this relationship may not work, it may not be accurate to say that a person has created a problem.

Occur regularly

In this case, problems will occur, which will cause them to look at other people. So while this seems to be an example of an external problem, it is not.

In addition, one person may not be with only one person at a time; this may be something they have done many times. Then people will share their bodies with many different people.


When it comes to their relationship, people may have a tendency to be ignored, lonely, unpopular and rejected. Spending time with others can be a way for them to soothe themselves.

This can indicate that they find it difficult to deal with their emotions and that their relationship lacks open communication. Going with another person may be something that happens almost automatically.

take actions

People may also behave this way, hoping that their partner can really notice something is wrong. This will be a child-like way for them to solve what is happening in their relationship.

The trouble is that although child-like children may think that their behavior is justified and hope that this will lead to their partner's change, this is unlikely to lead to this result. The reason is that their partner is not their parent; they are people who have a relationship with them.

a different approach

If a person has a good connection with their emotions, can adjust them, and they can talk to their partner about their feelings, they may have been able to gradually solve what they are doing. If they can't do this, extending the external support will help.

But if this doesn't work, people may find it is time for them to sever their relationship with another person. It would have been difficult, but at least they could have created space for those who would fit into their lives.


If a person can be related to this and they no longer wish to act in this way, they may need to seek external support. If they do, they may find that their adult suffering can be traced back to what happened in their early years.

This pain will make it easier for them to deal with their feelings and enable them to build a better relationship with their emotional self. This support can be provided with the help of a therapist or therapist.

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