Relationship: Should someone come back?

For whatever reason, people may just break up with their partner, which may mean that their status is not good. Maybe a person is experiencing a lot of sadness and feels frustrated from time to time.

It is also possible that someone will eventually get angry and even be swallowed up by anger. Either way, it will be a challenge for them to experience inner peace at this point in their lives.

Different results

Or, people can rest assured that their relationship has arrived, which may mean that they have not encountered difficulties at the moment. But that doesn't mean they won't feel sad.

The biggest difference is that what happens does not have a major impact on their inner world. This allows people to transition from one stage of life to another.

the reason

This shows that this person is not a very fulfilling relationship. People can see that their time together is over, which will make it easier for them to put this stage of their lives behind them.

If a person is in a less fulfilling relationship, but they are not a good way, then this may be an indication that something else is happening. Perhaps they will bring a lot of emotional pain before entering this relationship, so the end of this relationship has brought it to the surface.

Another scenario

Again, if a person feels good, but their relationship is going well, it may indicate that a person has left their pain. Then people can believe that they are just as good, and people in their lives can, but it will be an illusion.

And, if a relationship goes well and they feel very painful, then what they are experiencing will be completely normal. They will experience failure, which will make them feel sad.

a process

They are unlikely to come up with their own way out; what they are most likely to do is to feel their way out. This will be when they give up their feelings instead of trying to change their feelings.

Embracing their feelings and letting them exhale their inner pain will almost certainly help. If they are women, then they may be easier to do than they are men, because it is often easier for women to express their feelings.


No matter what they experience at this moment in their lives, they may end up hearing their predecessors. This may be when their predecessors basically ask if they are willing to come back together.

Instead, a common friend may eventually ask them if they will respond to their predecessor after their predecessor asks them to discover it. This may be the last thing they want to hear, or they may be happy to hear it.

Next step

If a person doesn't want to go back to their predecessor, then they may be easy to say clearly, and their predecessor gets the news. If they respect them and have good boundaries, then their predecessors will let them leave alone.

At the same time, after being asked this question, you may end up feeling confused and don't know what to do. This may indicate that they are experiencing inner conflicts.


One thing they can do is to consider their previous relationship and whether they want to experience more of the same relationship. If they are in abusive relationships, or even if a person has passed, they have no reason to restart the relationship.

If they are going well or have only a small problem, then returning to their predecessor may be a good idea. In addition to thinking about what their relationship is, it is also important that they adjust themselves.

self conscious

By adjusting what happens, they will be able to see what they want to go back and which parts are not. If they find that their chest has a strong pull to go back with them, it may indicate that they feel abandoned.

In this case, they need to come back with their predecessor, more to avoid their feelings, not to be with the people they really want. Being with their predecessor will make them feel better in the short term, but will not serve them for a long time.


This illustrates the importance of self-awareness in making the right decisions. Without this, someone might end up making a decision that would make them regret.




If people can see that they are suffering and they are unable to cope with this pain, they may need to seek external support. This can be provided with the help of a therapist or therapist.

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