Relationship: Why do people try to make them look bad?

Once the relationship is over, it may lead to two people taking their own path. It will be a clean break, which means they will be happy to continue their lives.

This shows that they are gradually separated and there is nothing to keep them together. Ending this relationship in this way means that they all have to reach the extent that they hate each other before things happen.

Conscious decoupling

This will prevent them from having to experience too much pain and drama. However, if neither of them has the level of self-awareness they have, it could be a different story.

Without this, their relationship may have to get very bad before actually completing it. Then this relationship is likely to last longer, but it will take a completely different route.

Another experience

Instead, one of them may have reached the point where it can be seen that it no longer works. After being with them, it is sometimes obvious that they are on very different paths.

Soon after, they may have disclosed what they are doing to their partners, and their partners may have accepted it. This will avoid excessive discomfort and allow them to separate in a more gentle way.

Common result

If this happens, it can be said that this is more common than other experiences. The reason is that it is rare for two people to be attracted equally to each other.

As a result, one person may lose interest while another person will still be strongly attracted to them. For one person, breaking up can be a reliable pain, and for another person it can be very painful.

a focus

No matter how this relationship ends, neither of them is interested in painting their predecessors in a negative situation. This doesn't mean that none of them will feel angry or hurt, but it won't make them want to make the other person look bad.

So if one of them is not very good, they will do what they need to do to solve their pain. Putting in another person will take away the energy they need to heal themselves.

Another focus

If the other party does not have much pain, it does not mean that they have no work to do. Still, most of their energy can be used in other aspects of life, they just know how wasteful they spend time criticizing their predecessors.

This does not mean that they will not talk about things happening with close friends, for example, they will not try to get their predecessors to review. Achieving this goal allows them to deal with what is happening and gradually integrate the experience.

a different scene

However, this does not always happen, because it is impossible for someone to move on in this way. Instead, one of them can finally do everything possible to make the other person look bad.

It may be strange that the person trying to make them look bad can cause the most damage. Therefore, even if both sides have problems, it seems that one person is a bad person and the other person is completely innocent.

What happened?

So it seems that such people don't care about their predecessors; the only thing they care about is to make themselves look good. If this involves destroying their predecessor image, then that's it.

However, although it seems that this is its true meaning, it may have more. Some people may try to do this because they try to avoid their feelings.


After they leave them, they may end up experiencing a lot of shame, and what happens after that will be a way for them to maintain this shame. Reducing the value of their former is one way they try to stop themselves from having no value at all.

This shows that they are out of touch with their intrinsic value; their value depends on how others see them. With this in mind, it is clear why they are like this.


Deep down, they are likely to worry that if they don't do this for their predecessors, their predecessors will marry them. This is a case that makes them look bad, or their predecessors reveal how flawed they are in the world.

Illegally speaking, if this happens, people will feel worthless; they will feel worse. This may permeate their entire existence, and they feel as if they are not human.


For people like this, it is ideal to seek external support so that they can solve the pain. Maybe they grew up in a very abusive environment.

This type of support can be provided with the help of a therapist or therapist. When someone acts in this way, they are likely to lack self-awareness, which may prevent them from suffering themselves and then reach out for support.

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