Relationship: Why do some people feel good only when they are in a relationship?

People may find that even if they don't have a relationship, they can feel good about themselves. Then it's obvious that they don't rely on anyone else to experience positive feelings.




This approach is most likely to prevent them from building relationships with someone because they are frustrated. They may be relatively easy to wait until they meet the people they really want.

Different needs

So if they end up with someone, then it means they really want to share their lives with them. Not only will they be attractive, but they will also share common values.

Then this person will add something to their lives, just like a person will add something to the other's life. Still, the content exchanged between them is not something they should provide for themselves.

big difference

In the end, a person will behave like an interdependent person, not a dependent person. They can give themselves something, but they can't do anything.

Getting positive feedback from their partners will naturally nourish them. What is different here is that if this person disappears, the fire burning inside them will not disappear.


One way to understand this is to imagine a person having a dog before they meet this person, they will have a dog when they are with them, and if there is a dog they will have a dog. At these different stages, the dog will be treated differently, but it will still exist.

If their relationship is coming to an end, their self-worth may drop slightly, but it may not be long until it rises again. At this point, they will not hate themselves at all.

Balanced human

To some extent, their level of self-worth will serve as a safety net, and if their relationship ends, they will stop them from bottoming out. They will be more flexible than others.

In their own development, they may take years to reach this point. For most of their time, they may rely on others; they lack the ability to experience positive emotions.

a different scene

On the other hand, if people find that they can't feel good about themselves unless they are in a relationship, it may indicate that they are emotionally dependent on others when they experience positive emotions.

Now, people like this may end up with only a few people, or they may be more selective. Either way, they end up putting a lot of pressure on another person to make them feel good.


Without realizing that one can think of another person as a parent image. Then, one person will lose something, and their partner will be an adult, where they provide what they are messing with.

One of the things that causes a person to do what they can do is to maintain the development of the relationship and will be afraid of what will happen if the relationship is about to end. Then, the most important thing is to let them make sure they are not single.

a big influence

Unlike the people above, there is a dog when they are in a relationship, but they don't have a dog before, and they certainly won't have a dog. Building relationships doesn't give them the good feelings they've already experienced; it will give them a feeling they don't usually experience.

Moreover, because they usually do not experience these feelings, it is normal for them to rely on a partner. This person will be regarded as the source of these wonderful feelings.

long way to go

Therefore, if this person wants to end this relationship, then it may end up feeling very low. To make up for this, they may end up eating too much, or they might find someone else blocking a hole that has already been opened.

If a person wants to review their lives, they may find that they always find it difficult to feel good about themselves. This may indicate that when they were young, they did not get the kind of care they needed to develop in the right way.


In other words, they may be abused and/or ignored when they are young. But now the most important thing is what they do about what is going on.

For example, with the help of a therapist or therapist, they will gradually be able to heal themselves. It all starts with the first step instead of giving up on themselves.

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