Research Network: Forces At Work

Research Network: Forces At Work
Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo introduces Unmaterialised, an archive that explores ancient sound practices to blur the lines between fact and fiction, which will unravel the narratives that form today’s society. Sitting on the crux of political-sciences (humanities), social-fiction (fiction) & Historical-futurism (time travel), Unmaterialised confronts the negotiated rational bubbles we as individuals construct, with an intention to place doubt as a means to instigate investigation.   Coming from a culture of oral storytelling, Christopher Lutterodt Quarcoo invites audiences to discover connections between objects, individuals and belief systems. This presentation will not only bring to the fore historical inaccuracies embedded in global narratives, but also the psychology of the individuals that construct them. Through innovative archival practices, it will explore methods of shape and recount histories within politics, which will be explored in collaboration with The Advrsry.  UNMATERIALISED | ABOUT UNMATERIALISED is an archive of narrative objects interpreted through the practice of speculative archeo-acoustics (archaeology of sound from objects and spaces), classified as 'Material Witnesses'. Each designed piece of evidence embodies accounts that instigate accusations of omission, voids and inaccuracies, which are presented as cases of plausible doubt. | @unmaterialised   CL-Q | BIOGRAPHY Self-professed ‘Cult Storyteller’ Christopher Lutterodt-Quarcoo is a London based Designer, Director and Writer. His interests and background in film, art and politics are typically materialised as installations using cinematic devices and religious conventions allowing for the presence of reverence and the ineffable.  In 2016 he founded ‘Unmaterialised’, a nomadic archive blurring the lines between fact with fiction. As well as forming ’The Advrsry’ a ‘Critical Simulator’, operating under the motto 'Before you create it, you must learn to destroy it. His practice and interests have seen him be commissioned to talk about his findings and strategies as well as devise scenarios for policy makers and cultural institutions.      DR. BERNADETTE BUCKLEY | ABBREVIATED BIO Bernadette Buckley is a writer and academic whose research explores the relationship between art and politics, art and conflict, cultural studies and philosophy. Currently, she is Lecturer in International Politics at Goldsmiths College, London, where she also convenes the MA programme in Art and Politics. In addition to writing for journals and art publications such as Brumaria, Postcolonial Studies, and Review of International Studies, her writings have appeared in numerous exhibition catalogues and anthologies, including Art and Conflict (2014), The Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Iraq (2008), and Art in the Age of Terrorism (2005).  She is also a Board Member of Tate Papers and the Journal for Museum Education.

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