Research Skills Workshop

Research Skills Workshop
Interested in researching the archaeology and history of the River Thames? Not sure where to start? This workshop will give you an opportunity to begin researching in your area of interest. Hosted by the Thames Discovery Programme and Senior Community Archaeologists Josh Frost and Helen Johnston, the workshop will look at the wide range of resources open to researchers in London with a specific focus on the River. Please note that the workshop is primarily aimed at those with no or little prior experience of archives and research.  Programme 10am - Registration and coffee / tea 10.30am – Introduction 10:45am – General Sources 11:30am – Archaeological publications 12:00pm – Researching, writing and referencing- including what to know when visiting archives 12.30pm – Lunch 1:30pm – Map regression exercise 2:30pm – Tea / coffee 3:00pm – Digital TDP Ning, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs 3.30pm – Q & As, evaluation, next steps 4pm – Finish Thanks to support from Tideway this event is offered FREE of charge. If for any reason you cannot attend please let us know so we can allow for rebooking. 

at Mortimer Wheeler House
46 Eagle Wharf Road
Islington, United Kingdom



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