Reshaping TV shows can bring us unrealistic expectations

Home-decorated TV shows are like fairy tales: the homeowner finds a perfect contractor, he is a handsome and wealthy entourage, composed of producers, workers, sponsors and free things, designers and make-up artists; reconstruction It takes a week to work and costs $30,000. The homeowner lives a happy life in the castle of his dreams.

  But like fairy tales, the writers who reinvented the show created a belief story in the background.

The fact is more like the homeowner knows little about what he or she wants, and changes the design several times, pushing the project time and cost more; materials and labor actually cost money; because we live in the real world It takes time to reshape the work.

There is no doubt that home improvement shows can stimulate the creative process, give us good ideas, and help us keep up with the latest trends, but they also draw an unrealistic picture [no puns].

Here are some important points to consider:

Distorted time view

In an interview, some home improvement manufacturers admitted that they would adjust the timetable and use creative licenses to make the show interesting. In other words, a one-week remodeling project only happens on TV. Don't forget that this is the show business. The delay is not true. The concrete frame that was loved by people an hour ago did not really happen. Concrete has the proper time to cure before construction, 1 to 3 days, and this fact is conveniently omitted from the storyline. This is just an example of how the length of the renovation project shown on the TV belongs to the story with Prince Charming. The real-life schedule is more like a frog, keeping the frog even when kissing.

2. The unique staff of the camera is usually only a small part of the total number of people in the project. For each person the audience saw, another five people worked around the clock. It is not uncommon for a 15-hour work to be converted into a five-minute segment, which makes the audience mistakenly realize that remodeling is progressing very fast.

3. The meeting between the homeowner and the TV contractor, featuring a 15-second scene, taking 30 photos to make it correct. In real life, these meetings do take time, especially if the homeowner does not have a clear understanding of the expectations of the final product.

4. TV shows do not provide the time required to obtain a permit, check and obtain special materials and the time required to build custom items such as kitchen cabinets.

TV budget is not a real life budget

In order to make the job faster, it is usually cheaper to use. For example, hardwood floors will be sacrificed for laminates. However, when renovating a home, careful consideration must be given to the quality of the materials used, especially if the homeowner plans to rebuild the home.

2. Sponsors will provide free or discounted materials, and some contractors will cut their fees and even do nothing to get free advertising. This alone raises unrealistic ideas about the actual budget required for the transformation.

All in all, home-decorated TV shows, such as fairy tales, are both fun and interesting, but when rebuilding a home, it is highly recommended to approach the subject with actual expectations. In the project, it is said that everyone is singing birds and gentle dwarves may end in the clutches of the evil queen, also known as major disappointment.

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