Restarted Hot Springs

Restarted Hot Springs
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Alum Rock Park is one of the oldest city parks in California, and for decades has been a popular picnic spot for the Santa Clara Valley locals. The park was established 1866 as "the Reservation", courtesy of the state, and the City of San Jose devoted great expense to build a narrow 11km brick road to the park. This turned out to be beneficial, as people soon got interested in a geothermically active spot in the Creek. In the 1870s Alum Rock Park became a popular hot springs resort, with some 21 springs that were linked to bath houses and a large swimming pool popularized by the people of Victorian San Jose. A flood in 1911 destroyed most of the buildings, but popularity continued through WWI and WWII by troops posted in nearby military bases.

This area is still a geothermically active area of hot springs, smelling of sulfur and leaching minerals into Peritencia Creek. Occassionally small earthquakes and other seismic activity reactivate long-dead springs.
Alum Rock Park, San Jose, California

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